Wow!! I can’t believe I’m here and actually welcoming you to my site – this has been a long time in the making and I am now very excited to begin this journey with you.

So what can I tell you about me and The Wedding Avenue that you wouldn’t already have read in my ‘About me’ Page?

I’m not a wedding planner, so if you’re looking for someone to manage the logistics of your day I’m not your girl. What I do love is obsessing over the details, from the dress to the cutlery! I like to make the little things important, and turn ideas that might be dismissed or glossed over in to the talking point of your wedding!

I believe you should enjoy the planning element of your day, not dread it. And I’m here to give you a helping hand and creative eye to make the styling seem effortless and flawless

With The Wedding Avenue, you will get an honest, down to earth, straight talking ‘temporary wedding friend’ where you can be yourself and let your imagination run wild. So if you’re worried what Aunt Mavis might say about the thigh high split in your wedding dress that you are wearing to church or that your groom has a massive gaping hole in his ear, then no need to worry because I will have your back the whole time! I’m here make sure this day is suited to you and only you and that everyone else will become the glaze if that is what you wish.

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Kimberley xx