When The Wedding Avenue launched, I welcomed you in to my small corner of this wedding world and told you a little about myself. Now, I’d love to get a bit more specific and give you an insight in to my brain, the weird ways it works, and why these ways have led me to become a wedding stylist!

I have always been a creative person – every object I see I find myself seeing more than the object itself; I see what it could be with just a slight tweak and where it would fit within a design to add it’s own je ne sais quoi.

One of my earliest memories is of a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film. They were dancing and I was utterly transfixed by the way Ginger’s dress moved as she glided around the floor. I wasn’t thinking about her dancing, or their chemistry, I was thinking about where I could use that fabric – what other uses would bring it to life in this way? What other dress could I design for it?

I can so clearly remember this moment opening up a whole new world to possibilities for me. This was the start of my dream of building a business focused on bringing peoples visions to life – and what better way than to design weddings?!

When I’m working I’m constantly thinking of every object in an alternative way and finding it’s place amongst the vision I have for a wedding. It could be black minimal cutlery to complete that modern-chic look a couple wants; an exposed brick feature wall to bring just enough industrial feel to a laid-back wedding; or maybe the low hanging florals to create a more intimate space for your guests.

No matter how big or small the detail, just like another member of your bridal party, they will all play their role in the vision of your day.

I absolutely love that I have a job that allows me to create every day! And to be contributing to the best day of my clients lives just makes it that much sweeter.