Don’t worry – this isn’t a blog about me fighting a Wedding Planner. I promise!

I’ve found that many of you lovely lot are unsure of the difference between a wedding stylist (me!) and a wedding planner (not me!) – so I thought I would bring in a Wedding Planner to explain just what it is that Wedding Planners do.

Industrial Blues styling, by The Wedding Avenue

I spoke to Senel from Bride & Belle, a wonderful Wedding Planner specialising in bespoke weddings throughout the UK and Europe. Here is what she had to say about her role as a wedding planner…

“As a wedding planner my role is to support you in the organisation of your wedding from start to finish. I work with couples to coordinate all elements of their wedding with a strong emphasis on managing the logistical elements as well as overseeing the wedding budget.

Most of the clients that I work with lead very busy lives and do not have time to organise such a huge event. I ensure that the planning process is as smooth as possible for the couple that I am working with; saving them both time and money.

I have a recommended network of suppliers and excellent knowledge of weddings in London and the surrounding counties. My experience and expertise allows me to alleviate many of the pressures that couples feel when planning their weddings.”

Wedding Planners used to be seen as an extravagance saved for large weddings with lots of guests, but now more & more people now hire Planners to help with logistics & coordination that they simply don’t have time to fit in to their busy lives!

Wedding Styling, on the other hand, is a relatively new aspect of the wedding insdustry – us creative types are now here to help with all things design!

We are here to create a Design Concept – whether you’ve got big ideas that you need a design pro to bring to life or your budget’s on the tight side and you’re struggling with the finer design details on your own – this is where we come in!

As your Wedding Stylist I can be called on for all style aspects of your wedding – and, if you choose to book your Design Concept + my Styling Kit, then I will also provide you with details of suppliers to execute your design perfectly. If you go for On the Day Styling, I’ll be there styling your venue on the day – but I won’t be the one with a headset telling people where to put things (that’s your Planner!)

Essentially, a Stylist creates and a Planner coordinates (although, of course nothing’s ever as simple as that!) – between us, we’ve got you covered!

If you would like more details on the services we offer at The Wedding Avenue, click here.