Chic is in – shabby is out. And I gotta tell you, this make me one happy gal!

Minimalist is kinda my thing – I adore clean lines and modern styling – so I am super excited to see this trend having an impact on the wedding industry!

The Wedding Avenue | Minimalist Chic Wedding
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Minimalist Chic is set to be big next year, with couples opting for a modern, less is more, approach rather than the OTT styled weddings we’ve come to see as ‘normal’. Use of understated, elegant lines and neutral colour palettes mean that this style will suit various venues – from country manor houses to marquees, city restaurants to an industrial creative space – so where ever your dream location, this could be the style for you!


Here are my 5 top tips for a Minimalist Chic Wedding –

Stay consistent: This is my number one rule for ANY wedding, whether you’re going minimalist or not. Take some time to decide on your overall wedding vision, and then stick to it throughout. A great tool for this is creating a mood board, which you can refer back to if ever you’re wondering whether those chair backs you love are really going to fit in with your theme.

The Wedding Avenue | Minimalist Chic Wedding


Don’t over-complicate it: This might sound obvious, but when you’re surrounded by minimalist-chic pieces, it’s easy to find yourself saying ‘well this can be the colour pop’ or ‘how about a highlight piece for the tables?’ To really achieve a minimalist style, keep it clean and sophisticated!

Don’t be afraid to use black: Just because it’s a wedding, doesn’t mean everything needs to be white or somewhere on the scale of nude! Using black cutlery, chairs, even stationery can be perfect for Minimalist Chic – it’s classic, elegant and bold. Top tip – a little goes a long way.

Flowers: When it comes to florals in a Minimalist Chic theme, there are ways to keep it understated without feeling bare. Low lying flowers on the reception tables look amazing, as do single blooms in simple vases. Another option is to stick to a single type of flower for your arrangements, which, when done right, looks simple and polished.

Sleek seating: Chairs are SO important for the overall aesthetic of a wedding – my personal favourite right now are wire chairs, and ghost chairs are are another great option for your Minimalist theme. Try to find a style that will strike the perfect balance of enhancing the room’s chic look, without drawing eyes away from the rest of your modern decor and scenery.

If you’d like to see how I can The Wedding Avenue can bring your Minimalist Chic dreams to life, click here or get in touch! We would love to help!