Bridal fashion is changing.

We are seeing more and more bridal separates coming in to designer’s collections, meaning you can take your favourite pieces and mix & match them to create your bridal look (or several, if that’s what you’re after!)

The Wedding Avenue | Bridal Fashion | Poppy Dover

Poppy Dover’s designs are modern and chic – right up our Alley!

Whether you choose a slip dress and team it with a sheer overlay, or you add a jacket to modernise your bridal look, or find your fave top and skirt combo. However you work with them, bridal separates are a great way to create something that makes you feel like the absolute best version of yourself for your special day. Plus, you can often wear them with day to day pieces, after the big day – bonus!

The Wedding Avenue | Bridal Fashion | Poppy Dover

We LOVE this bridal jacket!

Poppy Dover is a GREAT example of how to do bridal separates the right way – so I spoke to her to get in inside scoop on bridal’s strongest trend. You’re welcome!

So, Poppy, why Bridalwear and not Fashion Design?

As a previous designer in the fashion world, I’ve always been used to keeping ahead of trends and pushing for new ideas. I hadn’t considered that the world of Bridalwear could be approached in a similar way. So about 5 years ago when I was asked to come up with a one off bridal design for a friend and I really enjoyed challenging the norm and taking risks within the constraints of tradition. Balancing the expected with the unexpected.

What I appreciate the most about working with Bridalwear is the sentiment and emotional connection the dress has with the wearer. I get to be part of celebrating a woman’s love and happiness and helping her to express it within the dress design is so enjoyable.

The Wedding Avenue | Bridal Fashion | Poppy Dover

What is the inspiration for your brand?

For both my latest collections ‘Love Stories’ and ‘Love Rules’ I deliberately didn’t look around at what other designers were doing or had done previously. I wanted to start with a clean slate and in doing so I created a unique concept that feels modern, bridging the gap between bridal and fashion. The collection offers a small but considered range of dresses that are classic but well cut and made of super luxurious fabrics. To build on the dresses I have created a larger range of playful and embroidered tops to mix and match over them. This allows our brides to be expressive and personal with their choice of combinations.

Who’s your muse and why?

I have and always will be a fan of Kate Moss, soft feline beauty with that cool british edge. Behind camera she is the ultimate chameleon, then when she is off duty she just is who she is, boho glamorous and a little rock. She embodies all the best combinations, she is confident yet vulnerable, powerful yet delicate, cool but effortless, beautiful but unique, sexy but sensual. Another girl who is younger and a little less well known but has this spirit but in a more modern way, is Chelsea girl Emma Louise Connolly. She would be my dream bride, she just got engaged too, so watch this space.

The Wedding Avenue | Bridal Fashion | Poppy Dover

What is your favourite dress of all time?

An ideal dress for me is one that flatters the body, moves beautifully and grabs attention. When I am designing these are the three main factors I consider. I also love to surprise and juxtapose feminine softness with feminine strength. Whether it’s in the embroidery detailing or beading or the silhouette there has to be a contrast for me, that’s what reflects my multi faceted bride. So when I see a dress that makes me go, ‘wow I havn’t seen that combination of design before’ that’s when I get excited. Valentino and Chanel are particularly good at this. They combine classic with modernity and turn tradition on its head much like I try to do in my own designs.

What are your goals in growing Poppy Dover as a company?

As I’ve been working with brides Ive noticed the importance of how they consider the outfit as a whole, from head to toe, so over the next year I am going to make a natural progression into accessories. I recently designed a gold bracelet option for brides and I would like to try more variations for bridesmaids. We will see how it grows. In the next year or so I want to get onto e-commerce to give my international brides a chance to get involved. I also plan to grow internationally, getting the opportunity to work with more wholesalers and talented people abroad as well as in the UK for this same reason.

Check out the Poppy Dover collection here!