Who doesn’t love a mood board?

Mood boards are the starting point of any design work I do. Why? Because they are the most effective way I’ve found of communicating what’s in my head to clients and suppliers – I’m yet to come across some one who doesn’t say “yep, I get it” once they’ve seen one of my mood boards.



They’re also SO helpful to me as a stylist – if ever I get distracted by something beautiful (it happens sometimes, what can I say?) I just take a look at my mood board and ask myself, “as captivating as this is, does it work with my theme”? If the answer is no, I let it go (or find a place for it in my home, depends on my mood!).


So, how do you create one?


Step 1 – Inspiration & Collecting

The Wedding Avenue | Mood board
Gather together the things you love!


Collect everything you are drawn to and keep it in one place. This can be cut outs from wedding/lifestyle/fashion magazines, fabric samples, a colour palette, a flower, a book, an example of a font or, my favourite, Pinterest discoveries!

Gather absolutely anything & everything that inspires you! Don’t worry about anything practical or monetary values at this stage, you’ll come to that later, this is just about collecting things you love. Be a magpie!

Step 2 –  Editing

The Wedding Avenue | Mood board
Once you’ve collected what you love, you can whittle down your favourites!


This is where you take a look back over everything you have collected and get sorting! Look amongst it all and see if there’s any common ground in there.

Now grab some paper – I’d go for A3 or bigger to give you enough space – and arrange everything. I usually start with print-outs from Pinterest; you’ll find yourself eliminating bits and pieces quickly and making room for the rest – I often cover one particular part of an image I don’t like with a flower petal I love, or some beautiful fabric I found.

Try to step back every now and then; can you see a particular colour palette coming through? How about a particular style? Are you going for mostly modern clean, lines or are you a rustic, outdoorsy type, or maybe a vintage queen?

Step 3 – Arranging



Starting with your main images, lay them down on the paper – but don’t stick anything yet! Start with your colour swatches, and arrange them on the board, followed by a little texture (ribbons, flowers or foliage) that compliments your board. Once everything is arranged, and you’re happy with your placements, you can get sticking! It’s your choice how you do it – glue, wash tape, double sided tape, anything goes! I pin mine because I like how the gold push pins look against my board.

Step 4 – Admire and be Inspired

The Wedding Avenue | Mood board


Now you’ve completed your board, find somewhere to hang it – somewhere you will see it a lot and be able to keep referring back to it.

Top tip: Take a picture of your mood board, so when you’re out wedding shopping, you can keep everything consistent.

The Wedding Avenue | Mood board
Some inspiration in the studio | THE WEDDING AVENUE


If this all sounds like your worst nightmare, don’t worry – I can do it for you! Or if you complete your mood board and think, “now what?!” I can help you, too! Check our The Wedding Avenue’s services and get in touch if you want me to help you with your wedding!