A Guide to Digital Wedding Invitations

There’s so much to think about when it comes to planning a wedding, from choosing the location and the dress code to choosing your registry and finalizing the guest list. But with so much pressure on you and your partner to get everything just right, it can be easy to overlook some of the smaller details. That’s why one of the most underrated elements of any wedding is something as simple as how you invite people.

The digital age has made it possible for almost anything and anyone to reach an audience online, but that doesn’t mean that digital wedding invitations are necessarily what you want when it comes to this day. After all, a wedding invitation isn’t simply a means of alerting people about an important event in your life; it’s also an opportunity for you and your partner to give them insight into who you are as individuals and as a couple. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about digital wedding invitations.

What are the reasons for sending online invitations for your wedding?

The primary reason why wedding e-invites are great is because of budget, and can be much cheaper than printed wedding invitations. Digital invitations are normally free. However, it’s not necessary to pass up using paper stationery entirely if you have e-invites to save money. Some couples use digital invitations for save the dates, information cards, or RSVP cards, for example. And with wedding invitation templates easily accessible, you can save time too.

This will give you the advantage of using the money you have allocated for exquisite wedding invitations to direct people to your website for additional information or splurge on fancy stationery, which is fitting with your wedding décor rather than them ending up on someone’s refrigerator. Couples are taking special care of trying to reduce the amount of waste created around weddings. They are taking the right steps to cut back on stationery and create a more sustainable wedding.

E-invitations and wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular among couples as they offer the same stylish, design-oriented, and fitting options as traditional stationery. Swirling calligraphy, ultra-minimalism, and rustic styles can all be achieved with an online invitation.

Digital Wedding Invitations are an alternative to using paper

Wedding Invitations are usually paper


When is it suitable to send electronic invitations?

A great deal of paper is required for wedding celebrations, including save the dates, wedding invitations with RSVP cards, bachelor and engagement parties, and so on. With the rise of digital communication, sending out paper invitations for every function may feel too time-consuming. Using electronic invitations is a simple method to handle the numerous events you might host around your wedding.

According to invitation specialists, formal weddings may be announced using paper invitations and electronic invites for more casual events. On the other hand, some wedding etiquette specialists favour sending wedding invitations by snail mail and using electronic invites for rehearsal details, save-the-dates and stag and hen-do parties.

Who should you send Digital Wedding Invitations to?

Before you send out your invites, you should find out what will work for your guests. Electronic invites may be fantastic for couples who are efficient with technology and frequent email and electronic calendar users, but they may be challenging for older guests or those who don’t have internet access. One method would be to send out electronic invitations to most of the guests and then send out some paper invitations to the guests who you know would prefer them.

There can also be problems with E-invites as guests may accidently delete them or forget to respond. If you feel like this would be a major problem, then you would need to select a company that offers read receipts for your invitations and online reminders.

What are the reasons to send paperless wedding invitations?

Cheaper cost – A traditional wedding invitation can cost over £500, whereas a digital invitation will likely be less than £100. It’s clear that this can make a massive difference for budget-conscious brides or those who want to invest their money in another aspect of their wedding.

Easier to manage – Being able to go digital will save you a lot of time. Getting the wedding invitations ready to be mailed can be extremely time-consuming and anything you can do to save time getting through a huge wedding list would be beneficial.

Quicker RSVPs – Online invitation services have made RSVPing simpler than ever for both the bride and the guests. Instead of having everyone complete an RSVP form and return it, your guests will be directed to your wedding website where they can either accept or decline immediately.

Similar designs – Creating a wedding website and save-the-dates can be done in conjunction with an online invitation suite which can make life so much easier.

Sustainable – Couples who are environmentally conscious can rest assured that their wedding invitations consumed no paper.

What services offer E-invites?

There are several sites to consider if you’re set on sending email wedding invitations. These online services are affordable, user-friendly, and provide tons of great designs. Some of these services available include:

  • Greenvelope
  • Minted
  • Evite
  • Paperless Post
  • Punchbowl
  • Blackbird RSVP

An e-invite can be used as a way to save paper and keep all the important details in one place, and some wedding website builders offer this as part of their service. Also, be sure that the e-invite tracks RSVPs if you want them to or provide a link to the RSVP in your e-invite.

How can you make your own Digital Wedding Invitation?

You can always create your own e-invite and send them to your guests as an image, via email or WhatsApp. These are especially suitable for less formal weddings or evening-only invitations.

You can create your own using InDesign, Illustrator, or a similar program, or for less experienced designers, Canva has a lot of free templates to start with, all of which can be altered. You can also ask stationers specializing in digital invitations to create a custom design to be sent via email to your guests if you want a truly unique digital invitation.

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