The Wedding Avenue would love to hear from people who want to feature in our publication. This could be in our real wedding section, as a supplier, or in an editorial article from aspiring journalists and writers for Wedding themed articles.

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The Wedding Avenue accepts article submissions on nuptial-related themes only. The writing should be informational and informative, and we are happy to review all to see if it is something our readers would like.

Our audience demographic is UK based couples due to be married, who are planning their wedding day. As such, we are only interested in receiving writing relevant to weddings either as blog posts or informative articles.

If you are interested in submitting a wedding-related article, please fill in the write for us form at the bottom of the page or contact us at

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Before submitting am article for submission, please read the below house rules:

Wedding Article Guidelines

Topic: Should to relevant to weddings (more details below)
Content: The articles must be in English and unique. Please respect other peoples hard work. 
Length: A minimum of 800 words. We may split articles longer than 2000 into a series.
Paragraphs and Subheadings: Please divide your content into sub-headings and short paragraphs, which makes it easier for readers to digest.

Links: All outbound links must be relevant to the writing and not breach google policy. Self-promotional links must be agreed in advance or the link may be removed.
Media:  Please submit any copyright-free images you would like to use with the post as a featured image and for the content. Please give the source of the images so we can confirm we can use them.

Content we like

We are happy if you want to write for us on any wedding-related topic. Our readers come here for easy to read, informative, engaging and relevant content related to weddings. And if they are happy, so are we. Wedding Planning tips and advice will always be considered valuable.

We like our writing to be interesting and inclusive. For example, did you know coin bearers (similar to ring-bearers) are a custom in Spanish speaking countries? Or that Bridal comes from the old English Bride ale? Or that you can have a man of honour as part of your wedding ceremony participant?

We welcome any well-written articles, particularly if they are engaging, humorous and informative. A wedding is about two people in love uniting in marriage, we want our site to reflect that and not white-wash it.

You can see posts we like on our sitemap page. 

Content we don’t like

We will not post any derogatory, abusive, homophobic, misogynistic, or racist opinions. Cultural sensitivity and an open mind are needed. We all have a different image in mind when we think of our ideal wedding, and that is great.

House Rules

Be unique
If you want to write for us wedding-related blogs, then all posts and articles should be fully your creation and unique unless the source is given. Please be mindful of copyright laws and that crediting the source does not cover plagiarism. Our writers all get inspiration and information from somewhere, just don’t pass off others hard work as your own.

Be relevant
We are a website for wedding planning, so that’s what our audience come to read about. Anyone who write for us needs to know what is interesting.

Be careful
Articles must be factual, and must not defame or incite. Controversy, strong opinions, freedom of speech may be acceptable but we want to be informative.

But we absolutely won’t publish anything abusive, homophobic, derogatory, or racist. That is our choice, please respect that. We all have different visions of ideal weddings, we all see beauty differently. Even though we are a UK based site, we want to cover beyond the traditional English Wedding and embrace all cultures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you publish my work if I am an aspiring writer?

We’d love to, but only if there is no hidden agenda. Please do not pretend this is the case if it is not true, it’s really unfair on those who genuinely want to get published.

Please send any article you’d like considered to the editor. Sending links to other work may give the impression you are spam. We try to respond to every request but if your email looks spammy, expected a canned response.

Can I email you my ideas?

Of course, we’d love to discuss topics with you if you want to write for us. We have listed some ideas below but would love to see what you have in mind.

Will anything help me get published?
It’s actually very simple, send us quality content with relevant outbound links, and will publish it.

Also, your email to us will be considered a reflection of your writing style.

Do you accept company requests?

Yes we do, companies can write for us. Infact, chances are it will be a professional pieces of writing. We just want you to be honest from the start and if we expose that you have been lying about it, we will stop responding. And you’ll then contact us from yet another email with the same copy and paste tripe and we will continue through the same charade.

Can we advertise with you?

Yes we offer advertising opportunities, just get in touch with your requirements.

Will you make edits to our post?
Maybe, but only for the following reasons:

  • Spelling and Grammar: Google likes good spelling and grammar, and so do we.  
  • To improve Clarity: We may need to change things to help readers understand the post.
  • Links: We will add links to relevant internal articles, and may link out to external websites if we feel it is required.
  • Images:  We add a featured image, and some in the content (if not provided)
  • Meta: We will add a relevant description of the article in the Metadata.

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    Civil wedding
    Commitment ceremony
    Cultural Weddings
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    Military wedding
    Participants in Wedding Ceremonies
    Religious views of marriage
    Roles and Duties
    Same-sex weddings
    Wedding attendants
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