Bridal Sunglasses: The 5 Best Styles for Pulling Off this Cool Look at Your Outdoor Wedding

Welcome to the next addition of things you won’t think about, but are essential on your big day. Bridal sunglasses are not just for summer, any sunlight will cause squinting, which I can assure you is not a look you want in your wedding pictures.

There is a lot to think about for the bride, with the wedding dress and jewellery taking centre stage. But the whole outfit could be ruined by the wrong eyewear if not planned in advance.

Here are five bridal sunglasses styles you’ll want to consider for a cool look at your outdoor wedding.

cool bridal sunglasses

Wedding sunglasses are often forgotten of the bridal accessories

Square-framed sunglasses

Do you want to give your soft-curved face an edge on your wedding day? Wear square-framed sunglasses. Its sharp silhouette will give your face more definition, especially if you’re planning a wedding venue photoshoot and want to experiment with shadows. Pick a good brand, though—a cheap pair may look like two big blocks on your face, which can be tacky for wedding attire. Instead, nab a pair of designer sunglasses to add to your fashion-forward fit.

Among premium designer brands, Jimmy Choo is known for its lavish, exquisite, and carefully curated frame styles. You may want to try its JC335 model with elegant, full-rimmed frames, complete with intricate detailing and the brand logo along its temples. Its acetate material makes for a durable pair that won’t slip or break in the middle of your outdoor wedding, and you can even choose from lens tints like black, brown, and pink.

bride wearing round sunglasses

Round sunglasses

If you have stellar cheekbones, round glasses can both accentuate and balance them out for a harmonized wedding day look. Try getting sunnies from Tiffany, known for its landmark luxury goods. One of its round sunglasses models features Tiffany-blue lenses that improve your colour perception, enabling you to experience your wedding day in vivid colour while basking in the sun.

They’re set on sleek, clock-like Roman numerals that can serve as a reminder to take time in your hands during this special occasion.

bride in cool sunglasses

Safety sunglasses

Functionality and durability characterise safety sunglasses. They’re polarised, impact-resistant, and often have anti-fog coatings that ensure clear sight. You wouldn’t see them in a typical wedding—but then again, you might not have ordinary nuptials. If you’re setting your happy day on a beach, yacht, or any other adventure outdoor venue, these sunglasses will allow you to lean into the theme of thrilling fearlessness as you vow to face the great unknown with your beloved.

Consider getting Ugly Fish eyewear—which, despite the name, isn’t unpleasant-looking at all. The brand guarantees protection against UV rays, blue light, dust, glare, and projectiles with its polycarbonate lenses and has models like its sophisticated Twilight lifestyle sunglasses that demonstrate that beauty can pair perfectly with practicality.

stylish bride with fancy sunglasses

Look gorgeous and stylish in your bridal sunglasses

Oversized bridal sunglasses

Early 2000s bridal fashion trends are making a comeback—and what screams Y2k better than a pair of oversized sunglasses? They’re perfect for outdoor weddings, too, since their full-coverage eye protection lends you a greater field of vision. You’ll be able to take in the full sight of your open-air wedding celebration.

And if you need affirmation that these bridal lenses are still top-tier, note that both Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sported a pair for their 2000s-inspired photoshoot in 2020. You can get celebrity-level oversized sunglasses from Skye + Lach. Their bold Holiday Peach model can add a bit of dreamy retro glamour to your attire.

heart shaped sunglasses on bride

Hart sunglasses are fun and symbolic

Heart shaped sunglasses

Heart shaped sunnies are wedding day classics, so they’ll be especially on-theme for outdoor weddings. With them, you can show the world you have major heart eyes for your spouse and UV ray protection for those eyes. Grab a pastel-pink pair from Oh It’s Perfect for maximum exuberant lovey-doviness.

When in doubt about planning your wedding style, start with small statement pieces first—like excellent bridal eyewear. Consider these five styles for a confidently individualistic look at your outdoor wedding. Once you’re done picking out the right pair, consider getting a signature perfume for your special day, too.s.

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