Pre-Wedding Skin-Care Plan For Clear Skin On Your Big Day

One of the most special days in every woman’s life is her wedding. Even as a little girl, a woman fantasizes about her big day, imagining herself as a Disney princess and the centre of attention.

And with all the eyes on the bride, it’s no wonder her dream involves flawless skin tone. Not even the most expensive wedding dress can take the focus away from tired facial skin, unless you want to hide behind a veil.

Professional makeup artists can be very creative, but even they don’t have a solution for poor facial texture. That’s why it’s important to have a skin-care plan so here are a few tricks to help you achieve that bridal glow.

Substances you should avoid before the wedding

Before we suggest certain skin-care methods for brides to be, we have to mention a common mistake in the pre-wedding skin-care plan. The internet is full of skin-care tips. By trying to improve the condition of our skin right before an important day, we risk falling into a vicious circle.

Recently, skin exfoliation products have become very popular. Every skin care manufacturer promises new skin in just a few days. Don’t fall for these marketing tricks.

Skin penetration enhancers after a certain f time give excellent results. On the other hand, there are many imperfections hidden under the layers of facial skin that need to be exposed.

That’s how it works. Leave the retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, and azelaic acids after the wedding. It’s best not to start with niacinamide either.

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Active ingredients functioning

Active ingredients accelerate the natural exfoliation of the skin, and purging is an integral part of the process. This is when the turnover of skin cells increases and oil, dead cells, and keratin are released from your pores.

Purging can last two days or two months. It usually lasts about two weeks. Experts recommend delaying the use of active ingredients if you have an important event.

How to clean your face without using active ingredients?

Instead of using aggressive products, we recommend enzymatic peeling. It is intended for all skin conditions, including the most sensitive skin type.

It consists of an enzyme powder that, in contact with water, releases various enzymes. Apply it to a clean, damp face. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off the product with water. Finally, apply only facial moisturizer.

Enzyme peeling is not aggressive. So you don’t have to worry about irritation. The skin is perfectly smooth, tender, and brighter, and the pores are less visible.

The results are immediately visible. To take advantage of its full potential, incorporate an enzyme peel into your nightly routine at least three weeks before your wedding.

It is used once or twice a week. If you want your makeup to look much better, it’s best to use it the day before the wedding.

How to brighten a tired-looking complexion?

Every skin type and every skin condition requires proper hydration. Don’t forget about internal hydration and take in the required amount of water. Next, take care of your face.

Tightness, itching, burning, and tired-looking skin – are all signs of dehydration. Whether you have extremely oily or dry skin, you need to use products with hydrating ingredients.

We are sure that your makeup will not look good on your face in such a condition. Include in your routine a gentle cleanser, a moisturizer based on your skin type, and a tonic that restores the pH of your skin.

Of course, you can also add various serums, moisturizers, and essences to your routine. There are many great combinations of products and ingredients. Get your skincare routine in order as soon as possible to get better results on your wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Skin-Care Plan is essential

Facial hydration

There are also some quick fixes for hydration problems to clear dead skin cells. These can be masks that contain a high percentage of hydrating ingredients. However, not all products are of equal quality.

You should take advantage of a famous ingredient that erases wrinkles and moisturizes the skin, better known as hyaluronic acid. Today, there is almost no brand that has not introduced a line that is the carrier of this very ingredient. Hyaluron is a key molecule in the skin aging process.

If you want to get fast results, try the “7 skin method”. With HA, you stimulate the production of collagen, and the result is elastic and hydrated skin. Research shows that HA binds 1000 times more water.

Skin booster therapy can also be done on the day of the wedding, an hour before you start applying makeup. You’ll get a great makeup base which means your complexion will look flawless.

Also, it comes without saying if you drink lots of water in the days/week preceding it will keep your skin hydrated and help give glowing skin on your wedding day.

How to do the 7 skin method?

Women in Japan and South Korea are known for their perfect skin, and the 7 skin method is their secret to good hydration. For this method, you will need a serum or hydrating essence.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, you can opt for glycerin, aloe vera, collagen, and other gentle ingredients. Do not accidentally do the 7 skin method with irritating ingredients such as vitamin C, AHA, and BHA acids.

After you have cleaned the skin well, you start layering the product on the skin. The technique is very simple and it is best to do it before going to bed. While the skin is still damp, pour the toner into the palm of your hand and pat it onto your face. You will repeat the patting technique 7 times.

You wait for the product to dry, and only then apply a new layer. We have to mention that some women do not need all 7 layers, and these are usually people with oily skin.

Stop the technique as soon as you notice that the skin is saturated, this means that it is sufficiently hydrated. Finally, lock in the HA with a hydrating cream.

How can I fix the bad appearance of the eye area?

We all know how bad the face can look when makeup gets into the wrinkles. Then the dry parts of our face become even more visible, and the texture of the foundation is much worse.

Therefore, your skin-care routine should also include a suitable cream for the eye area. With proper use, you get a facelift effect. Products intended for this region should improve the texture of the skin under the eyes and restore its shine.

For example, a serum with caffeine is a perfect option for dark circles. Be sure to apply a hydrating cream or fluid after it. If you have dry skin under your eyes, we recommend creams with urea or another nourishing ingredient.

Older skin will look much better if you start retinol therapy, but retinol is introduced gradually and much earlier. However, you can never go wrong with an eye cream for a sensitive area.

After washing your face, apply the cream under the eyes and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some products can also be applied to the eyelids, while others are applied exclusively to the crease under the eye.

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, you must be gentle when applying the product. The quantity of the product is individual.

Conclusion on a wedding beauty regimen

We all want to be the best version of ourselves at important events, especially if we are the hosts. If you want to look picture-perfect, consider our tips for a pre wedding skincare routine.

Every good plan starts with healthy lifestyle habits and ends with a good external skincare routine. This is the key to eternal beauty, and the bonus is the celebrity bride’s look.

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