The Best Places to Buy Cheap Engagement Rings

Looking to buy affordable and cheap engagement rings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on quality. It is possible to get a bargain through astute shopping for an engagement ring online to take advantage of deals, sales and stores that limit overheads to offer great prices.

There are many exclusive boutique stores that specialize in selling high-quality engagement rings, and some are more affordable than others. Before you purchase, we would always suggest you research in-depth and understand how diamond quality can impact the total price. The best shops will have salespeople on hand to talk you through everything and provide independent advice to guide you in your research period.

But if you know what you want, read on to know about some of these amazing retailers where you could find so many different styles, designs, and types that you won’t see anywhere else. This list will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

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How To Get A Cheaper Engagement Ring

Most reputable jewellers on the high-street or online only will sell rings made with precious metals and often with jewels. Also known as betrothal ring or mangagement ring for men, they are usually bought in advance and presented when one person proposes to another. It’s becoming more common place for this purchase to be made together after the proposal and you can use a low-cost holding ring as you will need an accurate measurement for your partner’s ring size for the right fit. Plus choosing together means getting the chosen ring right plus shopping for your own ring can still be special.

The engagement ring usually fits alongside the wedding band on the ring finger, usually of the same metal to match in colour and often shaped to fit snuggly as one.

Factors that influence the cost of a beautiful engagement ring include the ring size and density of the precious metal used which could be gold, silver, steel, platinum, titanium, palladium or even wood, iron and zirconium. In theory, these should be similar pricing across the board for plain bands as the price of metal is standard. Some materials are more palpable than others, and this is essential to holding any diamonds in. As such you tend to find Engagement Rings are made from Platinum or 18ct white gold.

The cost can then vary drastically based on the amount, size and clarity of any precious jewels although again these are standardised pricing at wholesale. This in particular applies to diamond solitaire rings, as the 4 C’s of cut, colour, clarity and total carat weight can vastly change diamond prices despite no noticeable difference to the eye.

You will find that having many smaller diamonds will be cheaper than one big one. Likewise if you choose other stones or precious gems like Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire, this can be more value and the perfect stone look very elegant.

And with the introduction of lab-grown synthetic alternatives you may find you can save on the price of real diamonds. The use of precious gems will be the biggest impact on your engagement ring budget.

Some companies will add extra mark-ups particularly with big name designer brands. So it would be possible to pick up a ring with exactly the same specs as a Tiffany’s platinum engagement ring with a round brilliant diamond much cheaper. But of course you miss the allure of the branding.

Finally some retailers do offer deals if you then purchase other rings through them, and that is an option to factor in when buying wedding rings.

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Where To Buy Cheap Engagement Rings Safely

All of the sites listed are reputable companies, but we would always suggest you ensure the diamond has a GIA certificate of grading and authenticity and understand exactly what you are buying. Where possible visit some showrooms to get some expert advice before purchasing.

This is not to say you should not buy Engagement Rings online. If you’ve visited many shops and know exactly what you want, you may find some exclusive web discounts and are in effect buying the exact same product you would if you were in the store. And there are advantages including:

  • You can price compare like for like rings from all retailers and find different engagement ring styles with the same diamond specifications
  • Any online purchase is covered by long distance selling regulations so  has to be what you paid for in terms of description which would include the diamond
  • You can do this in the comfort of your own home
  • You can take advantage of discount codes, special offers and sales
  • All stock items clearance will be available in the online sale section rather than just the individual stores

But again, we must stress that you should only do this with reputable retailers who are well established and have many customer service reviews. And where possible use a credit card for the additional protection of the credit card consumer act. This would mean the credit card company can be used for any dispute under the joint responsibility. Please note this only applies if you have purchased direct and not through a third party like Paypal. This may give you false confidence to go over your budget, but ideally you want to pay it off in full to avoid any interest.

Finally, due to the value of the purchase, we’d urge you to not feel pressured to spend more than you can afford in store or online. Even the best jewellers have sales targets so you may feel pressured to go over your budget when you are getting advice. Never buy on the first visit, there is no reason why the perfect engagement ring of your dreams will not be there tomorrow or next week. Shop around, get advice from everyone, then only buy once you’ve narrowed down what you want and can price compare.

What should you spend on an engagement ring?

In my opinion the statement you should spend 2-3 months salary on is nothing but marketing and should not be adhered to. Love doesn’t have a price, and in this current economical climate it can be dangerous to over-stretch yourself financially. Any symbol of love, betrothal and eternal promise should be enough and not cost the earth.

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An engagement ring should be within your personal budget

Ernest Jones

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Price range: £149 – £16,199

Ernest Jones began as a small jewellery store on London’s Oxford Street in 1949. They gradually expanded across England to become a nationally recognised business. In over 70 years, Ernie’s has grown to be one of the country’s biggest jewellery stores, with 180 locations nationwide.

Diamond specialist Ernest Jones has provided a wide range of jewellery since 1971. Diamond jewellery is suited for all tastes, including diamond Engagement Rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. Their Leo Diamond line is particularly exclusive, made from a unique diamond that produces a lot of sparkle.

There are many beautiful designs to choose from at Ernest Jones’s jewellery store for women and men, and if you’re not sure which ring design to wear, you will find plenty of attractive and timeless styles in their huge range. Their stunning collection includes a wide range of weights, designs, widths, sizes, and shapes, all of which would make an excellent lifelong ring for your partner.

F Hinds

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Price Range: £125 – £15,000

F Hinds has been in operation since 1856 and is a family-owned business that produces exquisite wedding jewellery. They are the UK’s premier supplier of diamond rings and high-end jewellery, thanks to their two centuries of experience in producing high-value items that are accessible to everyone.

Their team of specialists has carefully compiled a variety of engagement rings over the years, both in terms of value and beauty. You will be able to find the perfect engagement ring style for both your betrothed. They also offer a range of sizing and width options, so your loved one will receive the best fit.

There are 115 F Hinds shops in the UK, so you should be able to locate the perfect engagement ring on a high street near you. If you look online, you will find a large assortment of bridal sets for engagement and wedding rings, or even an eternity ring that match well together to get some ideas.

Their collection of rings is extensive so is great for seeing what styles are available, so it’s worth it to book an appointment and start there.


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Price range: £300 – £54,000

Goldsmiths, which was established in 1778, is a firm that values tradition and experience. They were the first to house a showroom in Newcastle and have achieved several important achievements, such as creating the Rugby League Trophy and becoming the first UK authorised Rolex dealer.

They provide their customers with a stunning array of diamond Engagement Rings, giving you as much choice as possible. In addition to this, they provide a range of cuts, metals, and other materials for sale, ensuring that they have the perfect piece for their clients. Single solitaires, cluster Engagement Rings, and multi-stone rings are all available for purchase online in the UK, making it easy for buyers to find the one for their partners.

They are one of the UK’s leading jewellers, and they provide expert help in choosing the perfect engagement ring. Their engagement ring collections are available online, and their virtual boutique provides expert assistance and guidance.


  1. H Samuel

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Price Range: £129 – £11,999

They introduced their style in 1862 that makes everyone smile when they look at H. Samuel’s products. Since then, they have established themselves as the go-to jeweller in the UK, not just for their trendy, budget-friendly designs (think gold, silver, and gemstones), but also because their founding principles are still relevant: Their goal to make you smile is just as crucial now as it ever was.

If you’re looking to ask the big question to your partner, you can choose an engagement ring that suits you among the wide variety of stunning styles and designs available at H. Samuel. Whether you prefer solitaire Engagement Rings or a lovely cluster engagement band, you can be sure of quality and design because only stones with brilliant colour and clarity are chosen to showcase in their engagement ring collection.

Mappin & Webb

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Price range: £700 – £72,000

Mappin and Webb have been in the jewellery business for over 240 years. They are renowned for their exceptional silverware and lifestyle accessories in addition to their fine jewellery. Their success is due to their commitment to delivering the best quality items to British society. They are renowned for their attention to detail and their dedication to producing beautiful and popular jewellery.

Every one of their magnificent diamond engagement ring collection is meticulously handcrafted by expert craftspeople, ensuring that it is flawless down to the last detail. You can find a diverse assortment of styles and metals to assist you to pick from, including white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. You can purchase from their exquisite range of bridal and spousal Engagement Rings in their UK stores or online. If you want some expert assistance prior to making the big request, you may schedule an in-store or virtual personal appointment for a custom shopping experience which is recommended.


T.H. Baker

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Price Range: Up to £76,975

T.H. Baker was established in 1888, making it one of the country’s first jewellers. The company is still a stand-alone, family-run enterprise with a track record of giving customers excellent value. Additionally, the business operates a network of well-known stores throughout the UK.

Discover their Engagement Rings Collection for an unforgettable proposal. Whether you’re going for a traditional style of solitaire diamond or looking for a more unusual ring to match your partner’s tastes, they have a diverse selection of Engagement Rings crafted with a variety of precious metals, including yellow gold, platinum, palladium, white gold and rose gold.

Reve Diamonds

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Price Range: £1000 upwards

Reve Diamonds are a Mayfair-based Jewellers in London who pride themselves on delivering a high-quality experience, service and product. They offer a diamond price guarantee so you can be assured of a good price and a 30-day return policy for peace of mind.As they source their own natural and lab-grown diamonds which reduces costs, and craft the engagement rings in their London workshop, they are very affordable and well worth a visit if you are based in the South East or by virtual appointment.

Lark and Berry

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Price range: Up to £2,985

British brand Lark & Berry are one of the best companies for lab-grown Engagement Rings as they are one of the first fine jewellery companies to exclusively use cultured diamonds. It is a fine jewellery company that combines the elegance of traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create diamonds. The company creates classic yet trendy Engagement Rings with inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty and artistic creations.

Online ring shopping is a breeze with pre-designed options starting at £1,925 and a full bespoke digital design service available (starting from about £2,500). There’s even a 3D ring viewer so you can see the beauty from all sides.

Purely Diamonds

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Price range: £580 – £52,315

In the Hatton Garden neighbourhood of London, Purely Diamonds, a British family-run enterprise, has been designing and creating exceptional diamond jewellery since 1979. They are a business that sells jewellery to the general public directly. By eliminating the “middleman,” or the merchants, they achieve this. As a result, they can sell their jewellery for vastly economical pricing.

To make sure you select the ideal ring for your sweetheart, their exclusive collection of diamond Engagement Rings has been expertly made. They can help you fully represent the character of the wearer with one of their diamond rings, which range from traditional solitaire to more intricate three-stone and halo designs. All their rings are made to order in our London workshop and are available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.


  • Fraser Hart

Price range: £499 – £15,999

Fraser Hart is a Glasgow-based jeweller that has been in business since 1985. The company has remained family-run since its inception. Fraser Hart is renowned for supplying the most beautiful and sentimental items for you to choose from and purchase for your special day. You will certainly find the inspiration you need for a design if you’re getting engaged.

Fraser Hart has been making Engagement Rings for over 80 years, and they are here to assist you in finding the perfect ring. Every step of the way, they can assist you with selecting the right ring for you. They are a wonderful place to browse and buy Engagement Rings. Their bridal engagement experts can help you online or in-store with any questions or details you might have, as they know that selecting the right engagement ring for your partner will be the start of the rest of your lives together.


Price range: £680 – £5,580

Vashi was formed as an online jeweller before they expanded into physical stores; in fact, they offer one of the most extensive customisation services for Engagement Rings, starting at £680. You may either design a ring from scratch or draw inspiration from their extensive library of designs.

From £680, you can purchase a traditional four-pronged solitaire ring, or a more out-of-the-box swirl halo engagement ring for £1,810. If you need some direction, their concierge service can assist you with video chats with an expert.

Every Vashi diamond is graded by an in-house gemologist (audited by the GIA) and sourced from suppliers certified by the Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS). A lifetime warranty is also provided for peace of mind.

Dinny Hall

Price range: £695 – £6,500

Every design from Dinny Hall’s brand is created ‘from sketch to store,’ which means that every piece has a personal touch. Dinny Hall guarantees that all of their engagement ring designs, including the ‘Lily’ solitaire ring (£6,950) and ‘Elyhara’ trilogy (£1,500), are made with GIA certified diamonds sourced from Kimberley Process compliant suppliers. The rings are handmade in Hertfordshire, England, and then constructed in Dinny Hall’s Notting Hill studio.

Recently, the firm was honoured with the Butterfly Mark, a leading industry standard for producing eco-friendly jewellery using recycled materials and operating a carbon-neutral factory.

Fenton & Co

Price range: From £1,250+

Fenton & Co provides gemstone rings that are colourful, affordable, and ethically sourced for the Instagram generation. This online-only, direct-to-consumer company is a great place to begin if you’re seeking an alternative engagement ring with a central gemstone rather than a diamond.

Dinghy sapphires (starting at £2,100) are their bestsellers, whether you want a colourfully designed ring with two diamonds on either side of a central sapphire (starting at £2,100). For an old-world look, their antique-style Engagement Rings (starting at £2,100) are a perfect choice.

Fenton’s main advantages are its rapid turnaround time and its rush delivery service for customised rings. All diamonds used are responsibly sourced from De Beers sightholders who have been verified.

Buy Cheap Engagement Rings online for best prices

The Vintage Ring Company

Price range: £650 – £2,980

An ethical jewellery designer and journalist founded the Vintage Ring Co. to make vintage ring shopping online accessible and ethical. Their carefully selected assortment of vintage Engagement Rings spans Edwardian and Victorian antique rings as well as 1980s vintage-style gems. You or your significant other can find the ideal vintage ring using their services.

Every ring is unique in some way—whether it be the stone, setting, or design—and is meticulously appraised, cleaned, and polished through a Hatton Garden workshop. It includes a certificate of authenticity and a resizing programme that is free.

Smaller rings, such as their 1970s retro diamond ‘Angie’ ring, are available starting at £650, as they are pre-owned. The ‘Daisy’ sapphire and diamond art-deco ring from the 1920s is stunning (£5,470).

Lily Arkwright

Price range: £495 – £2,247

Lily Arkwright is a global online jewellery shop based in Manchester, United Kingdom. They provide the finest quality lab-grown moissanite, diamonds, coloured gemstones, wedding bands, and bridal jewellery. They deliver globally for free on all orders. They sell precious metals in white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum in 18K in different colours. The Grace Maisonette solitaire ring, one of the brand’s bestsellers, is an affordable lab-grown gem that provides a colourful, sparkly alternative to a traditional diamond ring, starting at £469.

In addition to providing Moissanite, lab diamonds, and cultured coloured gemstone rings, they offer custom designs. Numerous five-star reviews testify to this brand’s excellent customer service and quick delivery times.

Is it cheaper to buy diamond engagement rings from overseas?

It’s a good question, as logically the closer to the source of the diamonds and less handling points and transport costs, then the more cost-effective a ring will be. All UK merchants will buy their diamonds from Belgium or the Netherlands so you could find the same ring cheaper at jewellers based there. But then you also need to factor in currency conversion rates and cost involved in travelling there to see it (unless you plan ahead and propose in Bruges and then spend the rest of your trip engagement ring shopping). As always, make sure you have valid certificates of authenticity.

And of course this does not apply to synthetic lab-grown diamonds which can be manufactured anywhere.

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