Fabulous Autumn Forest Wedding: The Best Places in South East UK

A wedding in the forest is a very interesting idea for couples who love the great outdoors, especially in autumn thanks to the autumnal colours on display. But, before the big day, there are many organizational nuances that should be well thought out. First of all, it is necessary to determine the location, as it affects the basic concept and style of the planned event.

There are many beautiful parks and forests in the UK, but which are suitable to get married? Here we look at the best places the South East of England has to offer for a fab autumn forest wedding.

Holland Park in London

This is the largest park in the Kensington and Chelsea area and it offers an escape from the frenetic pace of central London for a couple and their guests. Walk through an almost wild forest, a ceremony, maybe a short break for a glass of champagne and strawberries, and off you go to a reception. And since this is basically part of the city, you can order relatively easy everything that is necessary. Decorations, tents, and flower delivery in north London are all available.

In autumn, Holland Park (W11) is the most beautiful place, with its tall golden trees and wildlife. You can listen to the peacocks in the Dutch Garden and watch the fish in the Japanese Kyoto Waterfall Garden.

Primrose Hill in London

There aren’t many hills in London that offer a panoramic view of the city, although Parliament Hill is a reasonable alternative. Primrose Hill in NW3 is on the edge of Regent’s Park, close to the centre of Camden and its many cafes. You can walk to them along the canal. Picnickers, kite flyers, and – of course – couples in love have long taken a liking to the hill and it’s gorgeous foliage. 

If you choose this spot for a wedding, we suggest doing it during sunset. The view of the city you will get is simply stunning, and just imagine what wedding photos will be like!

Kew Gardens is perfect for autumn forest wedding pictures

Kew Gardens is perfect place setting for autumn forest wedding pictures

Kew Gardens

Not far from Richmond you’ll find another green romantic hideaway – Kew Gardens. For couples who want a small private ceremony, this is probably the best place. There is also the largest collection of living plants here, in the greenhouses and outdoors. Additionally, the smallest royal palace, Kew Palace, and the 1762 Chinese Pagoda. Taking a tour on a wedding day might seem wrong, but this place has a lot you can see. Besides being extremely romantic and ideal natural backdrop for pictures, it can inspire you on autumn wedding flowers.

New Forest – Hampshire

This is a unique place relatively close to London. But it’s a different world – untouched woodland, heathland, lavender fields, river valleys, herds of wild ponies and deer that have been grazing here for thousands of years, flocks of twittering birds, the absolute peace and majesty of England. And all this coexists peacefully with the idyllic old villages and towns.

This place offers hundreds of hiking and biking trails, pony rides, archery, and paintball (for a pre-wedding stag activity perhaps). In short, this is a great place for a wedding, that offers beautiful views in autumn,

Sissinghurst Garden in Kent

Vita Sissinghurst, with her husband Harold Nicholson, created an amazing garden in the 1930s that is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Its grounds are divided into many themed areas. Each one is the embodiment of significant events in the couple’s life and a source of their inspiration. The colour scheme of the site is also unique.

There is a garden, where every week among the silvery grey foliage blooms more and more snow-white buds. The Purple Border consists of purple, pink, blue, and lilac plants. The southern cottage garden is devoted to a red-orange palette. And the real treasure of Sissinghurst Castle is the garden of fragrant and spicy herbs. Its collection is considered the most significant in England and can be ideal inspiration for the wedding colour theme and bridesmaid dresses.

Currently they aren’t facilitating wedding ceremonies there at the moment, but there similar available National Trust properties in the South East equally perfect for an autumn wedding.


More and more newlyweds are choosing unusual celebration scenarios instead of the traditional wedding banquet and standard wedding reception in the registry office, among which is a wedding in nature, for example, in the forest. The fresh air and the very sight of a picturesque meadow dotted with meadow plants or the edge of a coniferous forest guarantee a great festive mood.

Wedding nuptials in the woods is sure to be memorable for both the newlyweds and the invitees, and will easily become a fascinating and revered event.

Since we are talking of an outdoor wedding, you should keep in mind the variability of the British weather. Be sure to buy umbrellas, preferably transparent ones, and for heels, it is worth providing some solution, so that the ladies do not get their shoes dirty, and do not get stuck in the ground. In the outdoor area, it is worth providing warm plaids, as it may get cooler by evening. And remember, whichever venue or style of wedding reception you choose, the most important thing is that you are satisfied and think of that day fondly for the rest of your life.

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