What To Wear For A Winter Wedding: The Guest Guide

A Winter wedding can be a truly magical and romantic celebration of love under crisp starry skies, twinkling lights, and mulled wine. There is something really special about the festive season. However, something that is far less desirable is the almost-certain miserable British weather. While wedding planning usually accommodates many pitfalls of the Winter weather, it is usually down to the guest to plan ahead in order to keep warm and dry. So, naturally, many of us wedding guests panic and wonder what to wear for a Winter wedding.

This guide for Winter wedding guests will help to take the stress out of finding the right outfit for the occasion. We will give you 3 important tips along with some ideas on what type of clothes to wear to a Winter wedding, how to stay warm, and how to stay beautifully stylish.

Winter Wedding Outfits

If you are invited to a Winter wedding of a family member or loved one, you need to plan ahead to make sure your outfit is fit for the occasion, while also keeping you warm all day.

Your Winter wedding outfit needs to be more practical than what you would perhaps wear to a Summer wedding. That’s because you could be dealing with temperatures not far from freezing, which will seriously hinder your enjoyment of the wedding if you aren’t prepared for it. So when it comes to planning your outfit you need to think smart, stylish, fit for the occasion, but also comfortable and very practical. We’re thinking of large and (sometimes) draughty churches, rainy dashes to and from cars, and reception venues with doors wide open. Your Winter wedding outfit needs to be fit for all weathers.

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What To Wear For A Winter Wedding

But, we know that finding an outfit that ticks all of these boxes is much easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together some essential ideas and tips to keep you the most stylish and warmest Winter wedding guest.

So no matter what your budget is, all that is left for you to do is get shopping!

1.   Choose An Outfit With Sleeves

Perhaps a very obvious tip, but one that should not be overlooked. A wedding outfit with sleeves can add a vital layer over your extremities to keep you warm.

2.   Wear tights

Whether you are a female guest opting for a dress or a trouser suit, wearing tights is an essential base layer that can help to stop body heat from escaping.

And when it comes to tights, the thicker the better. Opt for tights with a higher denier thickness, at least 40. They will give you an added layer of warmth, while also giving the added boost of maximum coverage. If you are worried about thick tights ruining your wedding look, you could opt for tights with a bold colour or sparkles to make a statement.

Men can try adding compression tights under their suits instead, which are easily available from high street retailers like Boo Hoo or T K Maxx.

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3.   Add Layers

As well as base layers, you need to prepare to layer up over your dress or suit too. This includes everything from ponchos against the rain to big overcoats against the cold.

This might be an obvious outfit tip for a Winter wedding, but it can be so hard to find the right overcoat or jacket that some guests will give up. But when it comes to adding layers, you might just need to think outside the box. For example, the right suit jacket worn over a classic black dress could add a bit of chic to your outfit while also keeping you warm. Likewise, a velvet bolero or faux fur shawl worn over your dress can add a splash of luxury to your look. So make sure you find some sort of outer layer for your outfit, whether that is a coat or something more unique.

4.   Think About Your Neck Line

There are so many style options when it comes to dresses. One of the biggest options is the neckline.

In other seasons, you might not need to be quite so cautious about the type of neckline your outfit has. However, for a Winter wedding, you’ll need to pay particular attention to it as it can drastically affect how warm you are for the big day. Shirt-collared dresses, for example, will end up exposing more of your skin to the elements, which will let your body heat escape and the freezing air in. Dresses with a high neckline, on the other hand, will keep you covered up while also being stylish. Necklines with frills or neat edges can have a really feminine look to keep you looking as good as you feel.

5.   Try Different Materials

As well as covering up your body with longer styles of hem, you can also add warmth by carefully choosing the right fabrics and material for your clothes.

Different materials work better for different weather. Linen for example is great for summer but is not a wise choice for winter. Likewise, velvet, fur, and tweed are perfect for Winter outfits. They are heavier and work better to block out the cold and trap in the heat. So when it comes to planning your Winter wedding guest outfit, pay particular attention to what fabrics you can choose to wear to keep you warm.

Dresses For Winter Wedding

These tips go for any winter event, from weddings to christenings and everything in between. But with much colder temperatures you need to carefully plan your outfit to be practical, comfortable, and stylish.

Think about longer hems, multiple layers, and thicker fabrics when it comes to your Winter wedding guest outfit and you’ll be thankful that you did! And, if you’re worried about staying stylish while dressing for the weather, the trick to really making the more practical clothes work for the occasion is using colours, materials, and accessories. We’re thinking a sequined midi dress paired with a velvet dinner jacket and a large diamante necklace. Or a laced, long sleeve dress matched with a large woollen overcoat, sparkling shoes and bracelets. These are all items that you will find on the high street or on popular resale sites like Vinted. Shopping online could also give you ideas for more alternative wedding guest outfits, like jumpsuits and dinner suits for women.


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