What To Wear Over A Wedding Dress In Winter

If you are planning your wedding in the Winter, choosing the dress and shoes is only a small part of planning your full wedding outfit. The weather of a Winter wedding will cause you to consider other aspects like what to wear over a Wedding dress in winter. That’s because, whether you’ll be outside much or not, the temperature, snow, rain, or wind could make you feel uncomfortable and probably a little miserable on your big day if you haven’t planned for it.

 That’s why we have put together a complete guide to what to wear over a Wedding dress in winter. We’ll consider everything from scarves, wraps, and jackets to make sure you stay warm, dry, and comfortable on your Winter wedding day.

Winter Wedding Outfits For Brides

Brides go to a lot of effort, expense, and sometimes heartache to choose the perfect dress with the perfect style and the figure-hugging fit. So it’s no surprise that no bride wants to don big coats, puffer jackets, and less-than-stylish clothing.

In fact, the prospect of ruining the look of your wedding dress with layers can put some brides off having a Winter wedding at all. But there are lots of ways to layer up and warm up while retaining the style and chic of your dress.

bride in grey coat

What Do Brides Wear For Winter Weddings?

But first, don’t forget about the importance of laying up with undergarments. As important as it is to consider what you can wear over your wedding dress in Winter, we also recommend finding layers to wear under your dress without affecting your style.

In particular, we’re thinking about tights with a higher denier rating than you might be used to. Or a compression vest top or corset to not only add warmth but accentuate your figure under your dress. 

And lets not assume it will be cloudy, a low winter sun can be blinding in the early afternoon so ensure you have a pair of bridal sunglasses factored in.

What To Wear Over Wedding Dress In Winter

From sparkling shrugs to wrap-around scarves, there are lots of ways to keep warm without affecting your look. You can even choose something simple and light so it is easy to take on and off for any photo opportunities.

Our list of 5 accessories to wear over your wedding dress in Winter will help you to stay warm against the cold air and snow without sacrificing style.

winter bride and warm coat

Warm wraps are easy to put on and take off as required


1.   Wraps And Shawls

If you want an extra layer that is easy to take on and off, look no further than a wrap or shawl.

Shawls and wraps are sections of fabric, which can be ornate or simple, that can be worn in a variety of ways at different points in the day. You can drape it from your shoulders and let it fall over your torso to cover you from the weather as much as possible. Or you can wrap it around your shoulders and neck to change the look of your outfit and cover as much exposed skin as possible.

 However you choose to style it, a wrap or shawl can be a great addition to your wedding dress. They are available in different styles, colours, and materials too, so you can either closely match your dress or go bold and make a statement with something totally different.

2.   Cardigans

If you want a bit more coverage than a shawl, a cardigan can be a great alternative to wear over a wedding dress in Winter.

A bridal cardigan can usually be found and bought in shops where you buy your wedding dress from. They can, therefore, usually be closely matched to your dress in style, material, and patterns. However, you could opt for a totally different style from your dress to make a statement or go for an alternative look. You could also find a vintage bridal cardigan from second-hand shops or pre-loved online sites, like Vinted. This could add a touch of something extra.

Whatever style you choose, layering up with a cardigan over your wedding dress is a great way to keep warm. And because a cardigan is an everyday wardrobe staple, it could be something that you can use after your wedding too.

Boleros and wedding dress

A thick Boleros can show the wedding dress and keep you warm


3.   Boleros

For smarter occasions and evening wear, a bolero is a perfect alternative to a longer cardigan. They can cover your arms, shoulders, and neck to keep your skin out of the cold.

They tend to be shorter than cardigans, which may offer a little less protection from the weather. However, they also showcase your dress more by revealing more of it.

Consider a bridal bolero made from lace or satin to really add to the beauty of your wedding dress.

4.   Jackets

A jacket is a wardrobe staple for the colder months when you need a little protection from the weather. It may not be something that you would consider pairing with your wedding dress though. Yet some brides choose to layer up their wedding dress with a statement jacket, like a denim or leather jacket.

A jacket gives a really alternative and chic look to your outfit and even provides an opportunity to add a little personalisation in the form of badges and/or embroidery.

5.   Scarves

Not all brides want to cover up their beautiful wedding dresses with jackets, cardigans, or wraps. After all the time and expense of choosing the perfect dress, most of us want to show it off at every opportunity.

If that is the case, you might think it will be difficult to find a cover up that will keep warm without hiding your dress. But actually, a bridal scarf could be the perfect option.

A larger scarf can be hung off the shoulders to add a layer against the elements and temperatures while also being transparent enough to showcase your dress underneath. It can be a great addition to your Winter wedding outfit and be worn after the ceremony when your veil is off.

winter bride and warm jacket


Can A Bride Wear A Sleeveless Dress To A Winter Wedding?

Now, of course, not all Winter weddings will be on cold and rainy days. So many brides will be hesitant to sacrifice style or the dress they love for practicality.

If your heart is set on a wedding dress without sleeves or the opportunity for layers, there are a few things that you could consider to try to help you to keep warm while also wearing the dress:

  • Sacrifice and invest in a cover-up that will have the least impact on your overall look
  • Choose a dress made of thicker fabric, like satin
  • Plan your wedding so that you are inside and in warm places as much as possible
  • Ask to hold the ceremony around mid-day when it should be at the warmest point
  • Talk to a seamstress about modifying your dress with extra layers and/or sleeves.

Winter Wedding Tips

A Winter wedding can be a truly special and magical occasion, but it does require some additional planning and extra things to consider. As well as keeping the bride warm, you might also need to consider which seasonal flowers will be available and read our beauty tips for winter weddings too!


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