10 Eco-friendly Hen do Ideas That You’ll Love

Hen parties are a time to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last few weeks of freedom. And what better way to do that than with some eco-friendly ideas? In today’s world, where sustainability is a hot topic, it’s important to think about your impact on the environment. Luckily, hen-do ideas don’t have to be all bad for the planet. With these 10 hen do ideas, you can feel good about celebrating your impending sustainable wedding.

1) Book an Eco-friendly Spa Weekend

Book a group of ladies into an eco-friendly spa and enjoy some time out of the city for the weekend. Spa treatments can range from massages to body wraps and even facials. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly spa, look for one that uses organic products, recycles their water, and provides locally sourced food and drink.

2) Choose The Local Suppliers

One of the best ways to keep your hen do eco-friendly is by choosing a supplier close to home. If you’re not very sure where to start, why not ask around for recommendations from friends or even people in your area? For example, if you live in a town with a local brewery, it may be valuable to provide the alcohol at the event. Not only will it make it easy for you and your guests but it’ll also cut down on transportation costs and environmental impact.

When considering suppliers near you, don’t just limit yourself to food and drink. Think about any other services that might be needed for your event – from entertainment to florists. Contacting these suppliers beforehand can help ensure they’re environmentally friendly too!

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3) Borrow Whatever You Need

One of the best ways to avoid purchasing lots of new items for your hen party is to borrow them from friends, family, and neighbours. First, see if you have any friends who own things that would be perfect for a hen do. Then go through your family members’ closets to see what they have available. Finally, ask your neighbours if they have anything that could be used for a night or two. You may not have time to return the items after the event, but it’s worth asking!

4) Use Seasonal Flowers

Flowers are a staple in any wedding, so why not incorporate them into your hen party? Seasonal flowers are available for purchase at many local stores, so you can pick out the perfect flowers to match your theme. It’s a good idea to buy your flowers in bulk at a local flower market before you go to your venue. Buying at wholesale prices can help you to stick to your budget. As an added bonus, buying seasonal flowers helps support your local farmers.

5) Activities to Keep Everyone Active and Happy

The best thing about these ideas is that they don’t require anything but your body and a group of friends. These are perfect for the urban dweller, as you can do them all in one day. The first activity is taking public transportation to your destination. This way, you’re not stuck with parking costs or petrol prices. If you live in a city like London, taking public transportation will also reduce the traffic congestion on the roads.

Afterwards, you can take a hike up a local hill or mountain for some serious cardio and beautiful views. For the following activity, you should set up an obstacle course outside with chairs, balls, buckets and other fun things for your friends to play around with. Afterwards, take a refreshing dip in the pool at any local pools and maybe even the sea if you’re next to the coast (maybe only in the summer though). Finally, after all that physical activity, find somewhere to take naps or just relax- either at home, at a hotel or Airbnb or out in nature!

6) Use Metal Straws

Metal straws are a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Plastic straws are one of the most commonly found pieces of waste in our oceans, but metal straws are durable, they can be recycled and can be reused for years to come if properly cared for. Plus, they are inexpensive! You can find metal straws either online or in most stores these days, so it’s easy to switch your supplies over in time for your event.

7) Make Your Own Games

If you want a more hands-on hen do where you can have fun and still think about the environment, try making your own games. If you’re not sure what to make, start by brainstorming ideas with your friends. There are many things you could create from scratch, including treasure hunts to find eco-friendly prizes or scavenger hunts for people who love the outdoors. These games would be a great way to get everyone involved and have a good time while incorporating some sustainability.

8) Choose Paper Hen Bags

One way to make your hen party a little more sustainable is by asking for a paper hens bag instead of a standard plastic one. Paper bags are biodegradable and much easier on the environment, as they will decompose after a few months. And if you want to go all out with your wedding-related sustainability, ask that the paper bags be made from recycled content.

9) Cut Down on the Paper and Go Digital

If you want to cut down on your carbon footprint for your hen party, try going digital instead of printing off invitations. There are plenty of ways to invite people without using paper, including online invitations or apps that allow you to create a personalized message with pictures, then send them out digitally. These days, you can send eco-friendly digital invitations through Facebook, Whatsapp, or email.

10) Eat at Low-waste Restaurants

There are a number of low waste restaurants that have popped up in recent years. These restaurants make it easy for you and your guests to enjoy a fantastic meal without the guilt of creating more waste.

There are restaurants that offer a plant-based menu with fresh ingredients. Also look out for restaurants that also composts all food scraps and uses compostable forks, plates, and cups. With this kind of commitment to sustainability, you will feel good about celebrating your last few weeks of freedom!

To find out if a restaurant is low-waste friendly, take a look at their websites or call them up before making your reservation. If they are, you should mention that you are celebrating an event with many guests to see if they offer any specials for groups.

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