How to Pick Your Wedding Colour Scheme: Ideas, Tips and Inspiration

When it comes to planning for your wedding, you’ll find that every detail is a big decision. And when we say every detail, we mean it. Picking your wedding colour scheme is no small task; it’s arguably one of the most important details when it comes to setting the tone for your big day and you are likely in the need of a little wedding inspiration.

From the moment guests get your invitation to the first time they see you as Mr and Mrs, the wedding colour palette plays a role in everything they remember its details months later.

Fortunately, choosing a colour scheme isn’t as daunting as it may seem at first glance. After all, there are only so many ways to combine different shades of red, yellow, blue and green. Depending on how elaborate you want your range to be, there are plenty of simple ways to incorporate a colour palette into your wedding without worrying about being too on-trend or not enough.

Bridesmaid dresses in wedding colour scheme of light blue and coral

Bridesmaid dresses are an essential part of the wedding colour scheme focus and dusty blue and coral pink pair well

What is covered by your colour choice?

Whether you’re trying to achieve a specific look, convey a message, or just want to make a bold statement, choosing a wedding colour scheme is all about making sure every detail, from your décor to the bridesmaid dresses down to the flowers in your bouquets, works together to create a complete look.

The final choice will have to reflect the venue, such as a dark purple does not match a rustic wedding theme. Think about the following and how they will tie in together:

  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Groomsmen suits, ties, cravats and pocket squares
  • Bouquets
  • Flowers for the table
  • Room decorations
  • Bunting
  • Chair Decorations for the ceremony
spring wedding colour theme

Spring Wedding Colour Palette can be vibrant and colourful

How to Pick the Right Wedding Colour Scheme for You

First, think about your personal style and the general vibe you want your wedding day to have. When it comes to choosing there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Mood, seasonality, and accessibility are some key factors to take into consideration while you’re choosing your wedding colour scheme:

Mood: Think about how you want the day to feel. Are you hoping to create a romantic, dreamy vibe? An elegant and chic atmosphere? Or something more whimsical and playful? Moods give you the tools to match your wedding colours to the right times of the year and help you make sure your theme is consistent throughout your wedding even if it spans several weeks or months. They also make it easy to coordinate your colour scheme with the weather.

Seasonality: What’s the general vibe of your wedding season? Are you planning a spring or summer wedding? Or will Autumn or winter better suit your style? Seasonal vibes are all about matching the colours of your wedding to the season in which you’re getting married.

Accessibility: Depending on when you have your wedding, certain flowers and colours may be more abundant or in season than others. This can help you narrow down your colours if you’re having a hard time deciding.

summer wedding colour scheme suggestion

A Summer Wedding should be warm tones


The Basics of Picking a Wedding Colour Scheme

If you’ve picked a few colours that you like and have some idea of how you’d like to use them in your wedding, but you’re not quite sure how to tie them all together and make them work as a coherent theme, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to tie your colours together, especially if you’ve only selected two or three. From palettes to colour stories and colour wheels, there’s a wide variety of ways to tie colours together, and many of them can be used to help couples who have trouble picking just two or three colours.

Palettes: One easy way to tie together different shades of a certain colour is to create a palette out of them. A palette is simply a collection of colours used for one specific reason. You can create a palette out of your wedding colours by considering the different shades of each colour and how they work together.

Colour stories: A colour story is a more in-depth way to tie together different shades of one colour. A colour story is a narrative that describes how one colour evolved into another. This can be a great way to incorporate one or two additional colours into your wedding while still keeping your main colour as the main focus.

Colour wheels: Anything can be organized into a wheel and what better way to organize your wedding colours than with a colour wheel? A colour wheel is a great way to put all of your colours together into one cohesive unit.

autumn wedding colour palete

Autumn Weddings can look great with earth tones like emerald green and autumnal golds


Deciding on Tying Your Colours to Seasons and your Theme

It’s true that certain colours are specifically associated with a season. For example, red and orange are typically very popular colours for weddings during August, thanks to their connection with the colour of the leaves during the season, but you don’t have to follow that pattern.

Certain accent colours or metallic tones pair perfectly with year-round wedding colours, especially versatile ones. For example, navy blue and pale yellow signify a summer beach wedding, but a winter wedding palette is instantly generated if you substitute the yellow for silver.

Spring wedding colour schemes can feature lilac purple, but deep burgundy is an Autumn colour scheme that pairs well with it. You can easily transition from season to season with earthy neutrals, black, blush, sage green, gold, and grey, among other options.

Remember to consider both your wedding theme and wedding colours at the same time, as they are intimately connected. Choosing the right wedding colour palette is all about creating the right vibe for your wedding. Combining marigold yellow and burnt orange, for example, produces an eclectic Boho vibe, or if you prefer a more traditional, luxurious look, a black-and-white colour scheme might work.

Beach nuptials are frequently bright, neon hues, while garden nuptials tend to favour light green and peach combinations. Pale blue colours create an otherworldly, celestial appearance for weddings.

purple and lilac wedding colour scheme

Winter Weddings can liven up with a purple palette  or a soft pink

And finally

Choosing a wedding colour scheme is a big decision and one that can be easily overlooked. It’s an important part of the wedding planning process, and the colours you choose can reflect your personality and the general vibe you want your wedding to have, and can even tie in with seasonal celebrations.

With the right combination of colours, you can create a look that’s uniquely yours, making your wedding feel more authentic and personalized. With these tips, hopefully, you feel more confident in deciding on the perfect wedding colour scheme for you and your partner’s special day.

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