8 Great Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas

After the stress and excitement that your big day can bring, it’s really important to acknowledge the people who have been there throughout the lead up to your nuptials as bride and groom. It’s likely your nearest and dearest were instrumental in making it a success. And that your parents, bridal party and groomsmen all played their key role to great aplomb to deserve a great wedding thank you gift.

It’s traditional to show your appreciation and gratitude on the day to the wedding party during the speeches in front of all your friends and family and other wedding guests. It’s the best time to let them know that you’ve been aware of their kindness and support over the past weeks and months. So here’s our ideas for the best wedding thank you gift ideas.

Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas

When it comes to giving thank you gifts, there are lots of options. But, the best will all depend on the receiver.

Gift Ideas For Mum and Mother in law

Flowers – I’m sure we’ve all been to weddings where the mums are called up onto the dancefloor and given a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It seems like this is a pretty common tradition and while it isn’t anything new or out of the ordinary, it’s still a really lovely gesture to let the mums know how much you’ve valued their support in the months and weeks leading up to the big day.

Pairing a large bouquet with a really heartfelt note or card from both of the happy couple, will really mean a lot to mum. You could even set up a flower subscription to give her some colourful blooms every month.

Candles – Along with flowers or another little gift, it’s a lovely idea to find a personalised candle to express a little token of your gratitude. This could be something which smells amazing and can be used as a decorative piece to remind the mums of the special day. Adding the details of the marriage and the day to the candle is a really personal touch.

Gift Ideas For Dad

Hip Flask – If the dads like a small tipple every now and then, it’s a lovely idea to give them hip flasks with a personal engraved message. This can be either the details of the wedding day, part of their speech, or a short note or poem just to say thank you to them for their involvement. Gifting a keepsake which will last for many years and will also be the perfect reminder of a great occasion.

Pocket Square – One of the loveliest wedding thank you gifts is to have the pockets squares from the dads’ morning suits personalised with a kind note or details of the day. This is a special present to give to both dads at the start of the day, so that they’re able to have this as part of their outfit. After the day is over, they can always have this framed as a special reminder of a wonderful time.

Great Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas


Gift Ideas For Bridesmaids

It’s likely your bridal part have been an integral part of preparing for your big day, helping you get ready and even decorating the venue. As such, you will probably want to get them a meaningful bridesmaid gift to show your appreciation.

Necklace – Gifting a necklace to the bridesmaids is always a classic gesture and rightly so. It’s a really lovely addition to the bridesmaid dresses that you have painstakingly chosen, but it also serves as a way of showing your appreciation and allows your bridesmaids to wear this daily if they choose to, as a memory of the special day.

To make this a more personal gift for each bridesmaid, you could opt to have their individual birthstones added to the jewellery or have the back of the necklace engraved with a personal note and the wedding date. You could chose to give the Chief Bridesmaid an extra item like a matching bracelet.

Spa Day – Gifting a spa day to your bridesmaids is a great way of showing that you’re thankful for their support, but also is a great way of extending the wedding celebrations for a little longer, as you could book a short spa getaway for both yourself and your bridesmaids so that you’re all able to relax and remember a great day.

Gift Ideas For The Best Man

Cufflinks – A really neat gift idea for the best man would be cufflinks which they can wear on the day. An extra nod would be for the best man and the groom to have a matching pair. Making sure that the cufflinks are a great fit for the suit on the actual day, but being neutral enough to wear on other occasions, will ensure that he is able to carry a piece of your special day long into the future.

Golf Day – If the groom and best man have a shared love of golf or they’re really into a particular sports team, it can be a great idea to gift a golf day or a trip to see their favourite team. Just like with the bridesmaids, this can be a great way of showing your gratitude but also allowing you to reminisce about the perfect day.

Giving Your Thank You Gift

Whichever gift you decide to purchase for the loved ones in your life, don’t forget to add an accompanying letter or note, so that you can truly put into words just how important their support has been and add a real personal touch.

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