Top 5 Wedding Themes For Summer

With so many different ideas and themes for weddings, it can often be overwhelming trying to decide which theme is the right choice for your big day. The time of year also plays a part when trying to make a decision about a theme, and with Summer on the way, it’s the perfect time to be thinking about how you can move your wedding reception outside to experience the best of the British summer. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favourite wedding themes for summer to help you along the way.

Wedding Themes For Summer

Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

With flapper dresses and open shoulder dresses being all the rage with a Great Gatsby wedding theme, it’s the perfect time to adopt this theme for a summer wedding without having to worry about the cold weather. With gorgeous opulence and decorations being the focal point of this theme, it’s a great time of year to move the wedding party outdoors and see what’s possible to achieve with lots of outdoor lighting, sumptuous fabrics, feathers, candles and flowers. don’t feel like you need to limit your creativity by keeping the wedding indoors, as there’s so much of the Great Gatsby party vibe that can be transferred to an outdoor setting.

Disney Themed Wedding

A Disney themed wedding has become somewhat of a modern day classic. During the winter months it’s great for decking out an indoor evening reception, as there’s so much that can be done with the massive amount of branded partywear and decorations. however, it’s also a great choice for an outdoor summer wedding reception. Think outside the box and you could create your very own Disneyland at your venue. from a small scale version of the Disney castle, to impressive fireworks at the end of the evening, there’s so much that can be done without the limitations of keeping your event indoors. Fingers crossed you’ll be lucky enough to have at least a fraction of the warm weather that’s available all year round in Florida!

rustic wedding

Rustic Wedding Theme

The rustic look has been solidified as an absolute classic at any time of the year, and truly, it’s one of our favourites. If you’re lucky enough to be able to hire a converted barn or have some available indoor and outdoor space for your wedding reception, there’s so many rustic touches that can be added to the space, while allowing guests to have the comfort of an indoor space, along with the freedom to be able to relax in the sunshine during the summer.

Adding touches such as hay bales and flower arches are also much more achievable if there is some available outdoor space, so it’s a great idea to bear in mind which decorations and accessories can be used across both spaces. food options also become a little more adventurous during the summer months outdoors, as there’s the option to have barbeques, hog roasts and even ice cream vans!

Moroccan Themed Weddings

In our opinion, there’s little else that showcases the relaxation and freedom that summer brings than a Moroccan themed wedding. from stunningly vibrant colours, fabrics and flowers, there’s so much scope to bring some originality and personality into your wedding reception. With the ability to add gorgeous lanterns, low tables and stunning water displays, we can see why these types of weddings are becoming so popular. there’s also the added benefit of having the wedding feel like a really close-knit party, where everyone can relax and experience some amazing and traditional Moroccan delicacies.

Fun Fair Wedding Theme

The summer is the perfect opportunity to have a lively outdoor fun fair themed wedding. Although it may seem like an odd choice, it’s surprising how easy it is to turn a fun fair into a more adult themed party, and you’ll also be surprised at how many adults would love to jump on a bouncy castle after a couple of proseccos! This theme is ideal if you’re a couple who doesn’t take things to seriously and loves to have a great party with friends. elements such as hot dog stands, bouncy castles, giant slides, fresh donuts and bucking broncos are a sure-fire way of making sure everyone has an absolute ball!

Start Planning Your Themed Wedding

So, whatever you decide to do for your wedding, it’s always worth bearing in mind the many themes which would be ideal to celebrate during a great British summer. We’re sure it’ll be one to remember for many years to come!

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