10 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Show Your Love

A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment between two people, but it can also be the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for those closest to you who make that big day special. Finding the right gift for your bridal party is an important part of honouring their friendship and support on such a special occasion, so here are some unique bridesmaid gift ideas that will be assured to shed a thankful tear.

Perfectly presented presents will add pizazz to any pre-wedding preparations. Picking out pleasing presents that promise pleasure for each member of your bridal party doesn’t have to be a chore; this article offers up some unique ideas for personalised bridesmaid gifts that are sure to please!

From fashion finds and beauty buys to home decorations and heartfelt mementoes, there’s something here to suit every style. With these creative concepts, conjuring compliments from your confidantes won’t be too difficult – they’ll feel truly thankful when they receive these thoughtful tokens of affection. Furthermore, most of the items suggested in this list come at affordable prices so you don’t need deep pockets or hefty budgets either.

These one-of-a-kind gifts will make marvellous mementoes that everyone in your bridal party can cherish long after the big day has passed. So, if you want wonderful ways to show your wedding pals how much they mean to you read on – it may surprise you just how easy finding fabulous favours can be!

Engraved Champagne Glasses

One popular option is a personalised engraved champagne glasses which is an elegant display of how much you care about your bridesmaids. It also serves as a reminder of your friendship every time they use it for Champers or Prosecco. There are plenty of companies out there, but we can recommend Inkerman London for personalised luxury bridesmaids gifts.

You can have their names and wedding date engraved on the flutes makes the gifts even more meaningful. The thoughtful gesture will surely be appreciated by the recipients and make them feel extra special during your wedding day celebrations.

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lacylou london personalised handbags

Lacy Lou London handbags are a great gift idea as can be personalised for each Bridesmaid

Personalised Handbags

Handbags make a great gift for bridesmaids as they are both practical and fashionable. While your standard bag might not be unique, these clever personalised ones from Lacylou London have been dubbed the ‘Pandora of handbags’. With a mantra of “luxury, made personal”, Lacy Lou is the canvas for everyone’s personalised style journey so you can personalise these with accessories unique to the bridesmaid’s personality to make them truly personal and perhaps the ultimate gift.

These handbags can match with most outfits, so will be a constant reminder of the fun on your special day. While it’s unlikely they will wear the dress and shoes again, the handbag can be suitable for all occasions to get maximised use. For me, it’s my pick of the best bridesmaid gift ideas as it will last as long as the marriage with the potential to add unlimited extra charms in the future. And there is nothing stopping you filling it with any of the suggestions below to make it a literal gift bag.

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Creative Gift Baskets

Gift baskets offer something much more personal: an opportunity for you to express yourself through thoughtful items that have been specifically chosen for each recipient.

Creating these types of gift bag is actually quite simple and can suit any budget. All you need is some creativity and imagination – plus a few special touches like personalized cards and extra-special wrapping paper – and you can easily assemble magical little packages that are sure to make any bridesmaid, maid of honour or flower girls smile.

Start by thinking about her personality traits: Is she an avid reader? A music lover? An outdoor enthusiast? Once you figure out her interests, the sky’s the limit! Fill the gift box with books, chocolates, beauty products, eye masks, skincare sets, tickets to events…the possibilities are truly endless. When you bring out those self-crafted baskets at the bridal shower, hen party, or wedding reception, everyone will surely be impressed.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Unique gift bags for bridal party gifts

Spa Treatments

A popular option is spa treatments, allowing them to enjoy a wonderful experience and relax from all the wedding festivities. As such, this could be an excellent gift idea for bridesmaids who want to take some time off and pamper themselves after being part of helping to organise your wedding. The old adage here for a good time, not a long time applies here, so it’s best to pair this with another gift that has more longevity.

When considering spa treatments as a gift for your special crew, there are many options available depending on personal preference and budget. For example, you can purchase vouchers or packages which include multiple services like facials, massages and manicures/pedicures. You may even choose specific products that will help enhance their spa experience at home such as aromatherapy candles or luxurious bath sets with essential oils.

And of course, it’s the perfect place for your destress too. So you could also book a weekend trip to a nearby health retreat or wellness centre with your chief bridesmaid or the full bridal party so you can fully unwind and recharge.


Gifting jewellery to bridesmaids is an age-old tradition that can be seen ringing throughout different cultures. From glittering earrings to resplendent necklaces and from delicate bracelets to shimmering bangles, a gift of jewellery can make any woman feel special – a feeling that no other gifting option can match! Exaggeratingly speaking, this could well be the best way for conveying one’s eternal love and appreciation towards these special people in their lives.

Jewellery items come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials; so when it comes to selecting something for your bridesmaids, you are open to infinite choices. If you want something traditional then nothing beats gold or silver with precious stones embedded in them, or engraved with the bridesmaids initials.

For those who prefer modern designs, there are many options such as leather bands with metal letters engraved on them, customized charms or crystal-studded pendants attached to colourful cords etc.

Bridesmaid Memory Book

A personalised memory book is a thoughtful and memorable bridesmaids gift, although admittedly takes a bit of time to prepare. A book showcasing your entire friendship conveys a sincere appreciation for their support in the wedding, while also being an inexpensive option. The book of thanks from the bride and groom could be recorded on either piece of paper, cards or stationery with personalized designs. A personal touch such as adding meaningful quotes or words will make it an even more special gift.

In addition, this unique present and perfect keepsake has the advantage of capturing memories that may last longer than any physical object ever would. It offers a chance to express the gratitude which might otherwise remain unspoken due to distance or lack of contact between the bride and her bridesmaids after the wedding day. Furthermore, handwriting adds a personal touch that technology cannot replicate easily – ensuring each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

Personalized Picture Frames

Thoughtful and unique bridesmaids gifts are best as a tailored present that reflects the bond between the bride and her attendants. Personalized picture frames offer an ideal solution to this challenge, providing both sentimentality and appeal, plus the winning ticket of being a visual reminder. You can even gift it with a picture of you both in there as an added extra.

These items create a lasting memory of the special occasion on which they were given. Picture frames come in various styles, sizes, colours, and shapes; from ornate wooden frames to sleek metal ones with sparkling crystals. Each frame may also be customized through engraving or etching names or dates associated with the event onto its surface. This creates an item uniquely suited to everyone’s style and taste.

Personalized picture frames symbolize appreciation for those involved in making the wedding day so memorable. They are specifically designed to showcase photos of the momentous celebration, allowing friends and family to commemorate it with pride in their homes.

bride and bridesmaid

Luxury Candle

The luxury candle is a creative, unique bridesmaids’ gift idea. Candles are known to have calming and soothing properties; they also provide a pleasant aroma that can fill up any space with a pleasing scent. A luxurious candle comes in different sizes, shapes, scents and colours, making it easy to find one that matches the personality of each bridesmaid. Luxury candles last longer than regular candles and their fragrances remain stronger for longer periods.

Luxury candles come in various styles such as tins, jars or votive holders which make them great decorative pieces for home use even after being lit. They often contain natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs or extracts from flowers or fruits that offer an extra special touch. Additionally, many companies customize these candles by adding names or initials on them thus giving them more personal meaning and make for a lovely gift.

Personalised Gift Cards

Gift cards are also highly versatile, thus making it easy for bridesmaids to select something of their own choice. While considered by some a bit impersonal, they give recipients the freedom to pick out something they genuinely want or need while still acknowledging how much you appreciate them being part of the wedding party. Whether it’s a spa treatment, a shopping spree, or a romantic getaway – all these experiences will contribute towards creating lasting memories with friends and family alike.

This method of gifting comes with multiple benefits as well; not only do they provide flexibility but there is no risk of getting something wrong due to size, colour preferences etc., as one might face when buying physical items. A gift certificate allows your loved ones to enjoy what they really desire from any store or online retailer without having to worry about anything else. Even better yet, you don’t have to break the bank since many retailers offer discounts and promotional codes for purchasing gift cards.

Personalised Makeup Bag

A personalised makeup bag can be a memorable and thoughtful bridesmaids’ gift from any bride-to-be. Not only does it show appreciation for their role in the wedding, but it also provides them with something that is both useful and stylish.

When selecting a makeup bag, there are several factors to consider such as size, material type, pattern or design, and colour choice. Depending on how much product needs to fit inside the bag, larger sizes may be necessary if they plan on travelling with their collection. Alternatively, smaller bags might make perfect sense if storage space will not be an issue. Materials like canvas fabric tend to be more durable than synthetic fabrics like polyester which could tear easily when placed under strain from heavy items.

How much should you spend on your bridesmaids?

It all depends on your budget and how many you have, but it’s expected to spend between £30-£50 with a bit more on your chief bridesmaid / maid of honour.

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