Guide to Types of Backless and Strapless Bra to Wear under your Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a traditional white gown, a funky print, or something sparkly and unique, the garment you choose to wear on your wedding day will undoubtedly be one of the biggest impactful details. And of course, backless and bare shoulders are popular wedding dress styles, so it’s critical to have the underwear to match.

A standout piece of clothing like your wedding dress deserves an equally noteworthy undergarment. While it may seem like there are countless bra options available for purchase, not all are suitable for wearing. It can be quite difficult to locate a bra that doesn’t cut into or slide down your skin, or, even worse, both. To help you find the perfect backless or strapless bra to wear underneath on your big day, we’ve outlined some types that would be great to wear under your backless dress.

There are many places to buy bridal lingerie, we are big fans of lifestyle brand Hunkemoller strapless bras and Boux also have a good selection.

But if you are plus-size or bigger busted then specialist retailers like Noods are definitely worth a window shop with their beautiful and functional shapewear.

backless wedding dress

This beautiful backless dress from Rowley Hesselballe needs shapewear like Noods

Multiway Bra

Multi way bras are the ideal style, providing the right balance of support, shape, and comfort without sacrificing style. Whether you are wearing an off-the-shoulder dress or a V-neck dress, multiway bras have been specifically tailored to provide the maximum support, shape, and comfort. Many of the plunge bras, longline bras, strapless bras, and other bra styles are available in a multiway option.

These bras come with detachable straps and can be worn in a multitude of ways, depending on your preference. Multiway bras are one of the most popular and versatile bra available.

Tube Bra

Tube bras, also known as bandeau bras, are the most common of all. A thick band with silicone grips at the sides is what makes them unique. Bandeau or tube bras with pockets are excellent for strapless or off-shoulder dresses, as they provide the necessary support without ugly bra straps. The garment covers the breasts and either fastens at the back or is made of a stretchy material to slip over the body. This bra can also be worn under body-clinging dresses to prevent nipple exposure.

Types of Backless and Strapless Bra to Wear under Wedding Dress

Bralette, underwire bra and backless bras may be the ideal wedding lingerie with your dress

Balconette Bra

Those of us with big boobs may prefer the comfort and support of a balcony bra or balconette bra, which provides excellent support while also producing a more rounded, uplifted shape that is suitable for a variety of boob sizes and shapes.

You can wear pretty much anything you want, as long as you feel confident and amazing since balconette bras work with a variety of wedding outfits! Because they have less coverage than a full-cup bra, they are a good match for lower-cut or backless wedding dresses, as well as high necklines, which give excellent support and an uplifted, rounded shape. This bra is one of the most popular designs because it’s an all-in-one bra.

Silicon Cups (Adhesive stick on bras)

If you want to wear a low-cut dress and don’t want bra straps showing on your back, silicone cups or adhesive bras are a good solution. These backless bra are very popular among women with small breasts along with boob tape, because you can simply stick them on your breasts and go. Adhesive bras are an example of the kind of bra style that is cheap and readily available. A lot of women believe that these items are the ‘ultimate quick fix’ for providing lift and support for backless clothing.

If you have sagging and uneven breasts then they can be sorted by silicon cups, which can cover most of your breast and lift your chest to provide a good shape. They also help maintain the form of your breasts looking smooth under your wedding dress.

Brides underwear with strapless bra

Brides underwear with strapless bra


You can wear this versatile and stylish lingerie piece strapless or as a statement piece under your wedding dress, giving you a stylish and effortless look. Bralettes are lightweight bras that provide comfort and support as well as retain the natural shape of the breasts by not having heavy padding or wire-free, non-moulded cups. They can also be worn as an everyday bra. Bralettes are also an excellent option for revealing moments since they will enhance the look.

The most common and traditional bralette is a triangle-shaped cup that provides little coverage. There are several unique cuts and patterns available. Bralettes are extremely popular because of their unique designs and styles.

backless wedding dress

Strapless wedding dresses are very popular

Underwired Bra

Wearing an underwired bra as a strapless bra is a good option for additional support. The wire will keep the bra in place and looking strong when you are on the dance floor. If you have larger breasts then an underwired strapless bra would provide support with confidence.

Their purpose is to mould the natural contours of your breasts. Underwire bras bring your weight closer to the front and slightly lift your breasts upward. They envelop your bra’s entire materials, resulting in a lift and a round appearance. Strapless underwire bras don’t only add support, but also provide the best shape which isn’t always a feature of other styles.

Push-up Strapless Bra

The push-up bra artificially enhances a lady’s bust by pushing breast tissue inward, producing a cleavage effect. This effect is produced by support enhancers such as foam pads embedded in the bra cups. These pads sit at the bottom of the cups, angled to the side, and push your breasts inward to make your bosom appear rounder and fuller. You can wear off-shoulder wedding dresses and a plunging neckline with a strapless push-up bra.

Small or large bust women can benefit from a push-up bra, regardless of the nature of their breasts. Women with smaller boobs can wear this to appear fuller, whereas those with larger boobs can receive a nice boost. Those who already have large bosoms receive extra support from the padding.

So there we are, a quick guide to the right bra for your strapless backless wedding dress. We didn’t cover colours, but that should be obvious. You want to go lighter than the dress, and as mentioned above Nood is a great choice for adhesive bras which match skin tone inclusive of size. You can save the sexy lingerie for later, functionality should win.

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