The Allure of the Black Wedding Dress

Can you imagine yourself as a bride-to-be in a black dress? It goes against tradition because brides are known for their long, white wedding dresses. Ball gowns, floor-length veils, and silk gloves are classic looks.

So why is a black wedding dress suddenly a thing? The truth is that it isn’t, with the black wedding dress popular in Spain and historical that white dress only came into fashion with Queen Victoria leading the way in 1840. But credits goes to iconic fashion houses like Valentino and Gucci to pushing tradition.

So, if you want to dress for your most important day according to the world fashion standard, you must have a little black (wedding) dress in your closet.

The opinion of famous fashion designers

When it comes to breaking the rules in the fashion world, we can’t leave out Vera Wang. Known for her extraordinary elegance, but also for interesting ideas, the creator gave us a big surprise as well.

The modern wedding is one of her biggest projects, and the result is fantastic black wedding dresses. Her main inspiration was lingerie.

You are probably now wondering how she came up with the idea of ​​creating black wedding dresses from lingerie. Her answer was very simple.

Considering that every woman feels fantastic in quality underwear and mostly wears black underwear, she tried to achieve the same result with black wedding dresses.

Women would feel sexier in them, and the fact that the entire lingerie concept transforms into a wedding dress is an additional challenge.

Vera Wang also had in mind girls who don’t like ball gowns. Unlike some models, a simple black wedding dress will look good on everyone.

black wedding dresses in spain

In Spain, the black signifies the bride’s commitment and devotion to the groom


Is this a good option for you?

Why not? In addition to being a total hit this season, a black wedding dress gives you a lot of options when organizing your wedding. It’s an opportunity to come up with an interesting colour scheme.

Instead of choosing a typical gothic theme, be creative, and come up with something different. This dress allows you to be fashionable, elegant and romantic.

That’s the theme you should choose. For example, black will be a great canvas for any other colour, and details. It can be rose gold, white gold, or metallic.

Another reason to consider a black wedding dress is the fact that you will always look high-fashion formalwear in it.

Lastly, it’s a very practical colour if you ever want to redo your wedding dress.

Black dresses are very easy to combine with jewellery, bags, and shoes. If you choose a simple model, you can take your look to a whole new level with feathers in your hair or some other interesting detail.

All eyes will be on you. Everyone will want to be like you because you will look unique.

How to wear a black wedding dress?

If you like simplicity or big details, then you will love the corset dress. It is a pencil black dress, strapless. What adorns it is a huge bow on the back. An example of such one is the creator Alexia María Magnolia.

Then, we have to mention the famous Oscar de la Renta and his famous strapless and silk-blend crepe gown. It is a dress model that looks like it consists of two parts but is actually one whole. The upper part is decorated with light-catching crystal embellishments, sequins, and beads.

If you too are fascinated by crystals on black fabric, then you will love the creation of another expert. Catherine Holstein released a beautiful tulle dress that is a great option for all romantic ladies.

A more formal model would be Prada’s off-the-shoulder dress. The material is wool-blend, and it is a longer gown model.

For all lovers of floral motifs, we have a great suggestion. It’s a Giambattista Valli cape-sleeve gown.

Another elegant one that will delight everyone is the work of Alex Perry Hudson. She exudes true Hollywood glamour. It is made of satin

What time of the year is best to wear it?

Regardless of the season, a black wedding dress will make every bride more attractive. The colour black is associated with strength and elegance. People who wear black are generally determined, disciplined, and self-confident.

Aren’t those great human qualities? If you want to present yourself as the best version of yourself, start with the right wedding dress.

Although you’ll look perfect in it all year round, gothic glam might be the best option for fall.

This time of year is when decadent layers of lace and other details are most worn, and black will add a little more drama to your fall wedding. You will also get a feminine and modern effect.

Winter is also the ideal time for it. Imagine your wedding photos in which you are on a snowy background in a long black wedding dress. Such a sight your guests will never forget, and you will have beautiful memories of this special day for a long time.


If we look back to some of the previous events, we notice that brides are choosing cream and ivory dresses less and less.

Most brides-to-be want to say “I do” in a black wedding dress making this trend a global hit.

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