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In the world of wedding jewellery, the commitment ring has the broadest concept. It’s a symbol to show your long term dedication to your partner, which also applies to the other types of rings of course. So to define loosely the types of couples rings briefly for clarity and how they differ from commitment rings:

  • Purity ring: For couples to symbolise their intention to wait for sexual relations under after marriage.
  • Promise Ring: For couples to commit to faithfulness and usually intend to marry later
  • Commitment Ring: For couples to show their dedication and pledge to a long-term emotional relationship but might not intend to get married or cannot for legal reasons or in cases on family disapproval
  • Engagement ring: Given to symbolise your intention to marry
  • Wedding Ring: Given to each other on your wedding day
  • Wedding Band: As above but without any gemstones
  • Eternity ring: Usually given later in marriage on an anniversary

So if you’ve found someone special and want to take things to the next level with jewellery, the above relationship rings are your options. And that doesn’t have to mean proposing and jumping into buying engagement and wedding rings, After all, relationships don’t always last forever; sometimes people drift apart or break up for good. And the commitment ring is similar to couples choosing to have pets before children.

While it might seem like an unromantic gesture but it’s said 50% of marriages end in divorce, and an estimated 30% of engagements do not lead to marriage. So it can save money and heartbreak to be practical.

S0 read on for our guide to commitment rings and why they might be perfect for your relationship.

older couple hold hands wearing commitment rings

Older couples who have been married before might prefer commitment rings to show their love

What is a commitment ring?

A commitment or promise ring is a particular kind of ring that represents a couple’s particular love and eternal commitment to one another. They are presented as a symbol of a dedicated partnership and as a promise to stay together in the future.

In some cases, they could be pre-engagement rings given before the commitment of marriage to show reciprocal devotion to each other. The exchange of rings can indicate that you two are likely to get engaged in the future or it can just be a sign of your undying love for one another.

In others, it could be that you don’t believe in marriage or who have been married before but still want to publicly show your mutual love.

In some religions where arranged marriages are standard, it can be used as a way for secret couples to show their forbidden love and commitment to each other.

Before the UK allowed same-sex marriages in 2014, many gay couples used commitment rings in civil ceremonies since they were recognised in 2005. So it’s often a symbol of inclusivity.

What is the meaning of a commitment ring?

The significance of a commitment ring can vary depending on the couple and can range from signifying your commitment to one another to indicating an engagement and marriage in the future.

It’s ideal for you and your spouse to agree upon what a ring precisely signifies for you two. A commitment ring can show:

  • As your relationship grows, you want to express how important you are to each other.
  • You feel it’s too early (or you’re just too young) to formally become engaged, even though you love each other and want to demonstrate your commitment to one another.
  • that while being physically apart (like in a long-distance relationship), you still want to demonstrate to each other your unwavering commitment to one another.
  • A promise ring can have any unique significance for you and your partner, from honouring a success or significant date to expressing your love for one another.

gay couple hold hands and show off commitment rings

What should a promise ring look like?

You may consider choosing a commitment ring that honours the classic solitaire engagement ring with a claw setting and a commanding focal gemstone if you want to go the romantic route. On the other hand, you might view this ring as a chance to be creative and test out new colours, forms, and designs.

Wearability, comfort, and quality are the considerations that should be given priority when choosing a commitment ring. Given that it is a “forever” jewel, it must be built to withstand normal use. If both of you want to wear a commitment ring, whether they match or not, you might want to think about custom designs. Since your love for one another is totally unique, it stands to reason that the jewellery you choose to commemorate it can be as well.

What commitment ring styles can you buy?

Some design aspects are more popular than others, even if each person who decides to wear or give a promise ring can choose the motifs that perfectly complement their individual style. A promise ring and a wedding ring are typically distinguished by these ring designs.

Here are a few of the most popular designs that are currently on the market if you want to shop around:

Plain rings – A plain band will not have any decoration or additional design components, making it the simplest of the styles. Men’s commitment rings are popular because of the ring’s understated elegance. They can come in platinum, titanium, gold, or silver much like your standard wedding band with similar pricing.

Engravings – These rings frequently feature embellishments cut directly into the metal. This could take the form of an intricate pattern on the ring’s surface or an inscription or the partner’s name on the band’s inner. Other ring designs can also have some engraving done to further enhance the wearer’s customization and raise the value of the ring.

Gemstones – Other colourful gemstones are rising in demand as promise rings, even though diamonds are generally reserved for engagement rings (although incorporating them into a promise ring is still popular). As a result, the ring gains more personality and becomes a fashion statement that may be worn even after being replaced by an engagement ring.

Infinity Knots – The intertwined knots, which resemble a bow or the infinity symbol, are believed to stand for unending love and fidelity. As a result, this style is ideal for promise rings meant to represent an extended or pre-engagement commitment.

Hearst – These rings are literal in their design, typically featuring a heart in the middle of a simple band. Even though they are frequently fashioned entirely of precious metals, certain designs may include a diamond or other jewels.

Interlocking – Interlocking rings come as a set with one worn by each spouse and are specifically made to fit together when placed next to each other. The idea being communicated is that each partner is a component of a bigger whole.

Claddagh rings – They are a piece of jewellery with Irish heritage. Two hands are holding a heart, which is supported by a crown, in a distinctive and impressive design. The heart is supposed to stand for love, the crown for loyalty, and the hands for friendship. They had formerly been used as wedding and engagement rings worn by both sexes. However, depending on the orientation and placement of the ring on the wearer’s hand, the rings can now indicate a person’s relationship status.

Claddagh rings design stands for love, loyalty and friendship

Claddagh ring design stands for love, loyalty and friendship


How much should a commitment ring cost?

There are no set guidelines for how much you should spend on a commitment ring, just like there aren’t with engagement rings or other pieces of jewellery. A simple, exquisite promise ring made of gold or sterling silver can cost as little as a few hundred pounds, while a promise ring with diamonds and/or other jewels can cost as much as several thousand pounds.

For example, the purer the gold used to build the ring was or the larger and higher quality diamonds or other gemstones it included, the more you’ll normally spend for the engagement ring or jewellery.

Spend as much as you feel is suitable on a promise ring if you’re interested in getting one. They are typically less expensive than engagement rings because they are frequently bought by younger individuals who aren’t quite ready to make a commitment.

Which finger should commitment rings be worn on?

You can wear a commitment ring on any finger on either hand perhaps reflective to the type of relationship you have. There is no “proper” finger or hand to wear a ring on; instead, it is recommended that you wear it on the finger that feels most natural and convenient for you.

On their left ring fingers, some people prefer to wear their promise rings which is the most typical approach to wearing this ring. To avoid being mistaken for an engagement ring, some people prefer to wear it on the right ring finger.

What’s the difference between a commitment ring and a purity ring?

Although “promise ring” and “purity ring” are frequently used synonymously, they signify two different commitments.

Purity rings signify a promise to abstain from sexual activity until marriage. As purity rings, sterling silver rings are frequently given out and frequently have engravings on them. Also, purity rings rarely have diamonds or other jewels or are made of coloured precious metals like gold.

Unless the couple decides otherwise, promise rings have no bearing on abstinence. You and your lover are sharing a physical representation of your love and dedication to one another when you exchange a commitment ring.

Posy rings may also have appeared when you were looking for a commitment ring. Posy rings, sometimes known as posie rings, were common during the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries. These rings were presented as gifts to lovers in France and England. Although they could resemble a commitment ring, they are not the same.

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