Why Do Women Wear An Engagement Ring?

The western tradition of women wearing an engagement ring has been around since ancient Roman times as a sign of betrothal. Back then two were given, one of Iron which is assumed to have been worn at home, and one of Gold for public shows of wealth and privilege. Indeed, this was pretty much the basis of the 20th Century marketing push by De Beers that a diamond is forever.

From documents from the 7th century it was noted that the engagement rings acceptance was a pledge that could not be broken. In the 8th Pope Nicholas sent a letter referencing the western practise of a man giving his betrothed an engagement ring, and the banns of marriage from the 13th documented that marriages should be made public in advance.

It was in 1477 when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria took Mary of Burgundy of the market with a diamond ring to start a trend, but with diamonds not being discovered in South Africa until 1867 they were pretty rare.

But of course, it’s also about love. It was believed that the ring finger contained the vena amoris that led directly to the heart. So while in the past it might have been about insurance and dowry’s, the reason women wear engagement rings today is more about romance and a symbol of unity and eternal love.

And with many jewellers available like Bejouled, you can find the right engagement ring for the special someone in your life.

There are many reasons why men put in a lot of effort to choose the right ring for their partner. A lot of possible choices are available to suit every man’s budget and style. They are made of different ring styles, metals and gems that you can pick which will suit your partner’s sense of style and fashion.

proposing with an engagement ring

It’s tradition to propose with an engagement ring, but some couples prefer to use a holding ring and choose together


Here is a list of reasons why women wear an engagement ring before the wedding:

  • It Shows a Plan for Marriage

Engagement rings are a meaningful piece of jewellery that shows that a couple is willing to move on to the next stage of their life in marriage. The symbol of betrothal of course has always been intended to be a visual reminder that the lady is unavailable to other suiters, as well as a visible symbol of your promise and commitment to one another.

While engagements used to last for a year or two back in the days when people were expected to marry young, the average engagement today is around 16 months. The ring itself makes this commitment visible to the outside world by representing a pledge of faithfulness and love that’s visible to all those you meet.

It’s an Investment

Engagement rings are not cheap, but they increase in value. Made from precious metal and usually diamonds but other gemstones are available, it will never devalue and likely to be one of the most expensive purchases you will make.

Provide a Lifetime Commitment

The engagement ring is a visible and physical token of a lifelong commitment when it sits alongside the wedding ring. It represents the promise to be there for one another in good times and bad, for better or worse, in sickness and in health.

The use of the word “promise” is deliberate. Your ring is a symbol of your promise to marry – and is therefore something that should be given voluntarily and never forced upon anyone. It’s also important to note that  engagement rings are not a contract any more. It’s not a legal document – it’s a symbol!

putting engagement ring on finger


To Simply Show Love

There are five love languages, including receiving gifts (as well as words of affirmation, quality time together, acts of service and physical touch).  Giving something as special as a ring will make your partner feel appreciated and loved. More importantly, the everlasting love behind it.

Don’t forget that offering an engagement ring to anyone must be well-planned, unlike other gifts. You should make the event extra romantic and memorable.

To Reduce Anxiety and Social Pressure

Social pressure can be frustrating, especially for long-term couples who are not yet married. Most women are looking forward to saying “I do”, while some do not believe in marriage and are just happy to be in a partnership with their other half. As a result, some couples wear an engagement ring to avoid the outside pressure from family and friends.

Anxiety can also be triggered in a relationship and a ring could bring relief to women who feel like their boyfriends are not looking to have a future with them. This reassures women that love and loyalty have always been there and that their partner can’t wait to be married. Now that breakups and divorce can happen at any time, it is important to secure a relationship with an engagement ring but only when the time is right.

To show-off

Getting engaged is a very special feeling for many people but some people focus on the engagement ring’s value rather than the love and commitment that it represents. And while the plainer wedding bands are evident of the marriage commitment and nuptials, usually it’s the dazzling expensive engagement ring that gets all the attention.

Final Thoughts

Generally, an engagement ring is more significant for the bride to be as it represents love, security, and a promise of a good future. This conveys a message of union between two people planning to get married.  An engagement ring is more than a gift but a sign of commitment to be wed. Of course on your big day you will exchange wedding rings and vows,

There’s a huge range available, from cheap engagement rings to expensive custom-made masterpieces. Whether you decide to shop online at Bejouled or visit a local jewellery store, there’s a ring out there that’s perfect for you.


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