How to have the Perfect Honeymoon

Honeymoons are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it is essential to make them special. A honeymoon is a perfect time for a couple to get away from their everyday lives and focus on each other as newlyweds. To ensure that your honeymoon is perfect, there are some things you should take into consideration before booking that lavish holiday.

Whether you’re planning your honeymoon now or sometime in the future, this article will give you all the tips and tricks you need to have the perfect honeymoon dream trip.

Start to plan early

Depending on where you’re going and when you’ll be there, experts generally advise planning your ideal honeymoon six to nine months in advance. Booking early or outside of a location’s busiest travel times could result in cost savings, especially if you have your eye on some of the worlds most luxurious honeymoon destinations. To be sure it’s the perfect time to take advantage of everything your destination has to offer, check the weather prediction for the period you’ll be there.

Pick a location together

Your shared set of values will play a big role in where you decide to go on your honeymoon. An all-inclusive resort is an option if you both enjoy luxury and pampering yourself while on holiday, but you will likely want to add some activities to make it memorable. You might prefer a more isolated location if you both yearn for adventure and the chance to interact with diverse cultures. The key is to discuss a dream destination that would appeal to both of you and has accessible transportation options. There is no perfect honeymoon to fit all, some will consider the trip of a lifetime to be a safari at Kruger national park, some would prefer the Maldives or Mauritius, and others think a site-seeing honeymoon in Europe is the ideal.

the Perfect Honeymoon in paradise

Tropical paradises are popular honeymoon destinations


Create a honeymoon itinerary

Even while not all couples want to schedule every minute of their getaways, you should set up times for specific activities. It can be difficult to plan a wedding, so mix in some relaxing and exciting activities. Try doing something novel as a couple to mark the beginning of life together if you want to genuinely connect while you’re on your honeymoon.

Consider using a travel agent

While many people believe that using a travel agency to plan their honeymoon will increase their costs, this is mostly untrue. Because they have access to special offers and packages that the average individual does not, a travel agent can actually help you save money in some cases plus add some expert advice and perfect honeymoon tips. Travel agents are knowledgeable on how to organize a trip and are also skilled at organizing unique and unforgettable honeymoons, plus might be able to sort out a business class upgrade.

Many resorts offer honeymoon packages, which include room upgrades, couple massages for honeymooners, and breakfast included while travelling, among other things. Travel agents have close relationships with many resorts and hotels that result in additional complimentary amenities for honeymooners.

honeymooners at airport

Search for airport parking

After all the stress of planning the wedding, it’s time to unwind and make everything as smooth as possible. Airport parking is a great way to remove the hassle of public transport and are often cheaper than a taxi both ways.

To find the best value, be sure to compare your options and shop around first with established companies like Parkos which cover all major airports in the UK. Many parking businesses have dynamic pricing structures, which means that prices increase as departure time approaches. Making parking reservations in advance can save you from paying a fortune on the day of.

You’ll have your parking spot reserved, which is another benefit of making a reservation for airport parking. Most parking lots are occupied during peak travel times. It would be unfortunate to miss your flight while you are circling the parking lot looking for a space, so to guarantee a spot, make reservations for airport parking in advance.

Try to go during the off-season

Off-season or “shoulder season,” as it is known in the travel business, is always more affordable. This is particularly true for well-known honeymoon locales like the Caribbean (low season: April to December), the Maldives (April to December), or Africa, where you may be able to save hundreds of pounds depending on the hotel you choose. If having access to the sun continuously is not your primary goal, you can benefit from some fantastic deals.

Don’t forget to look at reviews

The Internet can provide you with advice on how to organize the ideal honeymoon, but the evaluations may make you decide against visiting a spot that is otherwise fantastic. If no one has recently submitted a negative review, you can presume that the issue has been resolved if you see older evaluations. If you keep hearing the same complaint, it might be time to look for a different location.

Surprise your partner on your perfect honeymoon

Another piece of advice for organizing a honeymoon is to prepare surprises for your partner during the journey. While you should plan most of the trip together, it might be fun to surprise your partner with a special supper or perhaps a couple’s massage. Spend some time exploring the amenities offered by your hotel, resort, or neighbourhood to spice up your honeymoon. For example if you honeymoon in Florida, you can surprise them with a trip to the many parks and resorts.

relax in spa


Don’t forget to treat yourself

Don’t be reluctant to indulge yourself when travelling when it’s time to go on your honeymoon! A honeymoon trip is a once-in-a-lifetime, so you should make every effort to make it perfect. Travelling in first class is a wonderful pleasure that will enhance the honeymoon experience. A black vehicle shuttle service is another way to reward yourself while on your honeymoon. You can enjoy stress-free, luxurious transportation to and from the airport with a black vehicle shuttle service.

Use your right names

Be careful not to reserve your trip under your married name, even if you might be eager to try out your new name. You probably won’t have time to replace all your legal documents. If your plane tickets don’t match your passport or driver’s license, there can be some uncertainty.

Your Honeymoon planning timeline

A year before honeymoon – Consider the honeymoon destination you’ve always wanted to visit to commemorate your marriage, and acquire ideas from magazines, travel guides, and websites.

Nine months before honeymoon – If you’re planning your vacation along with your wedding, you probably already know how much money you want to set aside for it and may compare your spending plan to your wish list of locations.

Six months before honeymoon – After accounting for personal commitments and considering the ideal time for visiting your chosen destination, properly schedule your travel dates.

Four months before honeymoon – Set the groundwork for your plans by reserving airline tickets, making hotel reservations, arranging for visas and park permits, and finalizing a possible itinerary.

Two months before wedding – Create an online registry listing concrete activities to be engaged in at different price points to meet your wedding guests’ various budgets, if you’ve decided to ask your guests to help you fund your ideal vacation.

One month before honeymoon – Once the 30-day countdown starts, you may use your social media accounts to look out for upcoming events, popular bars, and even potential buddies who may be travelling via your itinerary.

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