What Is The Best Time Of Day To Get Married?

With all the different aspects of your wedding day that you need to plan, the time of day that you get married may not be a decision that you spend much time on. However, the time you choose can affect the list of different aspects of your wedding including what time you invite the evening guests to arrive.

The most popular times to get married

In the UK, couples generally choose to get married at either 11 am or 1 pm. These are the most popular times of the day. It is believed to be down to tradition rather than any other practical reason although it’s nice not to rush to get ready for an early wedding.

However, the time of day you choose to marry can also impact the aspects of your wedding, including cost, venue, attendance, and more.

the Best Time Of Day To Get Married in 1pm

The most popular time of day to get married is 1pm to allow the morning for getting and travelling


What time of day should I get married?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to the ceremony time, but bear in mind you also need to fit in the wedding breakfast and reception. When making the decision you should consider a few different factors, including:

1.   Service

Different types of marriage services will have different durations. For example, a typical Catholic wedding service will usually last for an hour, a Church of England service usually lasts 45minutes, while a civil ceremony may only last 20 minutes in the UK.

So you will need to factor in the type of service and wedding ceremony you have into your timings for the day.

2.   Location

The big issue here is leaving enough time to get from one venue to the next. For example, a church service at 11 am and a wedding reception 10miles away at noon is not feasible. So factor in what locations you want and how you and your guests will travel between them. You can then work out the timings from there.

3.   Time Of Year

The time of your wedding can be impacted by the time of year it is. For example, the sun sets much earlier in Winter months which will reduce the amount of time you can have for taking photographs.

Did you also know that the time of year you get married can also have a big impact on the cost of your wedding?

bride getting ready for wedding

While we like to envision the morning to be full of relaxed smiles, it can be stressful if against the clock


4.   Personal Preference

As it is your wedding, your preference should also play a part in your decision. If you are not a morning person, opting for a later time of day can offer you a slight lie-in ahead of a busy day. If the highlight of your big day will be celebrating on the dance floor or a lavish three course meal, then get the nuptials complete in the late morning.

Likewise, you may need to consider your guests’ preferences or availability too. For example, if you have an important friend or family member with work commitments but you want them to share your day, you might want to factor this in when choosing the times for your special day.

It might be worth noting down the things that are important to you, and create a timeline so you can maximise these. You should pencil in an ideal time for the key events like the first dance, what time the evening guests arrive, and when the evening food is served. Then piece that together with the cut off time for the wedding venue and any supplier restrictions and also if you need to fill gaps with a drinks reception and live music or games and entertainment.

It’s always wise to factor in the time to get ready at a good pace. While the Groom and Best Man will likely be ready quickly and be calming nerves with the Groomsmen, the bridal party may appreciate the extra time a later ceremony brings.

5.   Venue Availability

Of course, the time of your wedding does also need to align with the times at which you can book the venues. This is especially true for the service or ceremony as one venue can have multiple weddings booked or events, like christenings.

The best time of day to get married

Although the a popular time for couples to tie the knot in the UK is 11 am, this can create an early afternoon lull. The best time of day to get married is down to the individual. And if you want to be extra thoughtful think about the long day for any elderly relatives, and even the world clock if you are live streaming for those abroad.

Our guide hopefully includes a few helpful ideas and tips to help you decide what time is best for you.

Don’t forget to carefully decide what day of the week you should get married too. This can affect costs as well as how many of your guests can attend.

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