Weekday Wedding: 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Midweek

Weddings are one of the most important days in your life. What day in the week you choose to wed will have an impact on the overall atmosphere of your ceremony and reception. For many Bride and Groom on a budget these days, it’s not a case of if they’ll have a weekday wedding but when.

Unless you are having a destination wedding, it’s likely you’ll be looking at weekends. There is so much competition for the dream wedding venue, it can be difficult to book without compromising on other aspects such as budget or location. So what is it about midweek weddings that make them desirable when getting married?

1) More Flexibility With The Dates You Want

You will have more free days in a week to choose from when planning your wedding. This opens up the potential for more venues and locations. It also gives you the opportunity to plan your day around your work schedule or other commitments.

Don’t forget that there is typically less competition for week day weddings than weekends. You’re not going to have as many people competing for the same location on a Tuesday morning as there would be on Saturday evening.

Also, a weekday wedding are typically less expensive because of the lack of demand for venues, photographers and catering services meaning more choice. Couples who plan their wedding during the week can save both time and money!

You do need to remember that people will be working midweek or may have children at school, this makes sending a save the date essential to give notice and also may mean a lower attendance so the sooner you get the RSVP’s the better to finalise that guest list. It could have big impacts on your venue and catering.

save the date to ensure attendance for your weekday wedding

2) You avoid the weekend competition

If you’re having your wedding on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday weekend, you are unlikely to be the only one. This means you’ll have to compete with more venues, caterers and photographers etc. for your desired date. Choosing a weekday can help make your wedding unique by avoiding this competitive environment while still staying within your budget.

3) Your suppliers will be more available

Suppliers are typically available for weekday weddings and can be a great resource to help make your day even more special. While some venues may not offer the same services on a weeknight as they would on a weekend, many vendors will be willing to accommodate your requests.

Additionally, you’ll have the advantage of having the first pick of many key suppliers including local makeup artists, photographers, florists, and entertainment. It’s a great time to start planning to tie the knot.

4) You can save on costs

While weddings can be expensive, it’s possible to save with a weekday celebration. With weekends and holidays, many wedding venues will charge more for them because they are in high demand. They have to factor in whether they need to hire extra staff or pay overtime. The costs of hiring musicians or caterers may also be higher at premium times when they are busier and more in demand.

Not only do midweek packages rates typically cost less, but they may also offer added extras and enticing incentives. These may include reduced minimum spends and complimentary gifts like arrival drinks, new beverage options and side dishes.

5) You’ll have a better chance of getting the venue you want

It’s not uncommon for people to wait years for a dream venue that they really want. If you have your heart set on a specific venue, you’ll likely end up settling for a different one that has availability on weekends. But if you choose a weekday to get married, you can more easily find the perfect location. With less demand for weekday weddings, even the best wedding venues are more open to accommodating your needs and wants.

6) Your guests will love the day off work

Your guests will find it will be the perfect opportunity to book some days off work and attend your wedding and celebrate with you. They will also be craving for a day where they can reconnect and socialise with friends and family that they might not have seen for months due to the pandemic.

Just bear in mind that one day off is likely two unless a Friday as will involve an overnight stay for the evening reception, or even three if the rehearsal dinner is the night before. The other option is to have an early wedding brunch to end earlier, but where is the fun in that.

Other things to bear in mind for a weekday wedding

You will need to plan your rehearsal dinner well to ensure the important people can attend. It’s always best to speak to the essential wedding party guests to confirm their attendance especially if they have kids in school or heavy work commitments. It’s effectively a mini-break and needs to be treated as such, and you need your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen there when you say I do.

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