Wedding Dress Styles for 2023

Every bride has a vision of her perfect wedding dress, some may prefer a classic ballgown, while others may prefer a more contemporary look to suit their body’s natural shape. And there are a variety of different styles, fabrics, and silhouettes to choose from to find that best wedding dress style for you.

In recent years, vintage styles have been popular. Specifically, this year though, strapless ball gowns and mini wedding dresses graced the runways which will trickle down into new styles for wedding dress shopping in 2023.

Famous designers had a lot of work to enhance on the traditional look and still be stylish. But with some experiments with trends, they achieved incredible success. Bridal fashion week 2022 will surely be remembered for the big return of strange trends, interesting cuts, and details.

Brides-to-be are no exception in wanting statement pieces, it is their time to be centre of attention after all. And they’d be please with the new bridal trends and the most current designs ready for the 2023 wedding season.

If you want to know what brides around the world will be wearing for their upcoming wedding day, take a look at the wedding dress styles for 2023 we have selected for you.

wedding jumpsuit

We are obsessed with this Bridal Jumpsuit from Rowley Hesselballe

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The Bridal Jumpsuit

The Bridal Jumpsuit is big for 2023, especially for a beach wedding. This non-traditional ensemble is perfect for any modern bride looking for something unique and stylish for her special day, or for those who simply want an alternative to a dress. The beautiful silhouette is flattering and comfortable, and the intricate details make it stand out. Made with luxurious fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, it’s ideal for a hot summer day.

Jumpsuits are designed to be versatile and can be accessorized in a variety of delicate jewellery for an elegant look, and layered with a shawl to limit any chill. It can be paired with sandals or sneakers for boho wedding dresses style, or even with a pair of statement heels for a more glamorous look. Just add some wedding jewellery of choice for the perfect finishing touch.

The jumpsuit is perfect for a destination wedding or a casual outdoor celebration. It’s comfortable, stylish and totally on trend yet still has vintage vibes. And even though it couldn’t be further from the iconic ball gown wedding dresses, it can still suit apple shaped brides.

The Broken dress

After the period of popularity of the romantic and Boho styles, Brides are ready for a daring change to the wedding dress silhouettes.

The broken dress look is becoming increasingly popular for brides-to-be who want something a bit different and modern. This look features playful textures in both tight and wide gowns, with a mix of modernity and elegance.

Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic J’Adore Dior 8 T-Shirt is a great example of how mismatched pieces can be put together in a stylish way, making it ideal for petite brides.

The broken dress look is completed with pleats, draperies, rich colours, and minimal accessories. Whether you want a classic look or something a bit more daring, the broken dress is a great option. While you can get spaghetti straps, a strapless neckline does not work with this style.

Cut out wedding dress

A cut-out wedding dress can look very stylish and sophisticated | credit Rowley Hesselballe

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The Cut-out wedding dress

The summer season was a big hit for the cut-out trend, and it still continues today! Every type of clothing, from underwear to swimwear and beyond, was influenced by this style.

It was also brought to the bridal world, with traditional dresses being transformed into modern, stylish pieces.

The main feature of these dresses is the small slits on certain parts of the body that give a mischievous yet refined look. We recommend this wedding dress model to anyone who wants to accentuate their sexy silhouette with a modern touch.

The Mini wedding dress

Short bridal gowns have never been more popular, especially when paired with a corset.

The bridal fashion world is taking note, lavish white ballroom dresses are being replaced by above-the-knee styles. These mini-dresses often have a high slit on the side.

Remember Courtney and Travis Barker’s wedding? After the photos of their ceremony went viral, the popularity of short wedding dresses skyrocketed. Lace models with puff sleeves are also popular.

If you want to add a touch of glamour, complete your look with a large embellishment like a flower or a long veil.

Wedding dresses with floral motifs

The traditional bridal gown look has been transformed into a modern masterpiece with simple addition of floral motifs. Embroidery, especially on dresses, has long been a popular detail to elevate any wedding dress. For a unique touch, consider gowns with large floral motifs.

pastel wedding dress will be trend in 2023

Pastel coloured wedding dress will be trend in 2023

Pastel Wedding Dresses

Next year will definitely be remembered for breaking the fashion rules. Designers are already pushing the boundaries and celebrating individuality with their designs.

When it comes to wedding dresses, we can expect something completely different from what is traditionally seen. Adorned with colourful fabrics and interesting designs, these dresses will not be the classic white gowns. Instead, look for beautiful pastel colours such as yellow, pink, purple, and even black wedding dresses.

Large pleats, oversized sleeves, and other elements will only emphasize the popular colours.

bridal suit

Sophia tailored single button blazer from Rowley Hesselballe is universally flattering for all body types

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Bridal Suits and Separates

One of the most interesting fashion trends is bridal suits and separate two pieces. This move represents a total change in the essence of wedding clothes. A complete hit in fashion is the non-traditional look of a bride dressed in a suit, also very popular in LGTBQ+ weddings.

These are sometimes oversized, or silk clothes that follow the figure and perfectly emphasize every part of the body. It is elegant and sexy at the same time. You can complete this non-traditional look with attractive details such as a hat, veil, or gloves.

It doesn’t have to be a traditional suit of course. You could choose a dress and blazer, or pants and a corset with long sleeves that trail the ground. Get creative and come up with unique combinations ; one of them could make your wedding photos stand out.

Voluminous Ruffles

Wearing a dress with ruffles guarantees that you will stand out wherever you go. And that’s exactly what every bride wants on her special day.

Traditional wedding dresses may be outdated, but their romantic and feminine appeal will never go out of style.

You don’t need any jewellery to make this dress pop; its cascading style is sure to make you stand out from other brides.

Not many people would be brave enough to wear such a dramatic outfit, but if you can pull it off admiration awaits.

corsets are popular Wedding Dress Styles for 2023

The Corset Wedding dress is in for 2023

Corset Bodices

World trendsetters with hourglass figures wear corsets all year round with the most interesting outfit combinations, creating an obsession with the fitted bodice. You can see why, they suit every body shape guaranteed to give an alluring appeal.

A rather controversial garment has has become an inspiration to fashion designers around the world for women empowering women with a voluptuous bust and gorgeous curves. They have changed its form, mixing it with business aesthetics and adding an interesting detail to the traditional wedding dress with stunning results.

For the next season, choose one of these popular models to make the bride feel fantastic, as the corset will further emphasize her figure.


So, we are expecting very unusual fashion trends, although you can still go for a classic a line or fishtail dress shapes. The traditional concept of the classic bride-in-white look has evolved with the wedding dress styles for 2023.

New trends are constantly emerging, with brides being encouraged to express their own personal style in their wedding dress. Designers have taken advantage of this, creating unique and edgy designs that reflect the bride’s personality.

Overall, the traditional white wedding dress has come a long way since its inception, with fashion designers creating beautiful and unique designs that are sure to make the bride look and feel beautiful on her big day.

Today more than ever before, brides have the opportunity to make their special day truly special. They can finally be dressed the way they want because the possibilities are endless.

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