12 Amazing Wedding Ideas for 2023

We all that wedding planning is one of the most stressful things that you can work through. You may have come to standstill in your wedding planning if you’re not sure which direction you want to take it. If you’re planning to get married in 2023 and would like to read some unique wedding ideas and inspiration that you can incorporate on your big day then this article is definitely for you. It may be best to get your notebook out ready to write down any ideas that you feel will best suit the special wedding that you want.

Outdoor wedding

Despite all restrictions easing, outdoor weddings aren’t going anywhere. A possible reason for this is that the rules surrounding getting married outside have been lifted giving more flexibility, options and better pricing for that limited wedding budget. Furthermore, couples don’t seem to be as concerned about the weather as they used to be. The love you share is what counts. It isn’t always easy to predict the British weather, even when it is at its best. Be prepared for the worst if you plan to have an outdoor wedding reception, but it’s nothing a gazebo can’t fix.

wedding ideas for 2023

Outdoor Weddings are gaining in popularity in 2023

Celebrant wedding

A celebrant wedding ceremony is a personalised ceremony that emphasizes the couple’s love for one another. There are fewer restrictions on where and when they can be held. In England and Wales, celebrant-led weddings are not yet recognized by law on their own, unlike in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Law Commission recommendations for wedding law reform are likely to change this, however. The number of couples choosing this type of ceremony is expected to increase in 2023 and for many years to come!

Weekday Weddings

Many weddings were put on hold due to the pandemic, but engagements certainly didn’t! Due to this situation, the wedding industry has been flooded with postponed nuptials, which has resulted in venues only being able to accommodate weekday weddings due to their very limited weekend availability. Would this create a problem for guests (requesting time off to attend)? Yes, it would but couples will reap benefits, like lower rates and more venues and vendors to choose from!

Moreover, couples who are having trouble narrowing down their guest list for an intimate wedding can benefit from this.

Experience-based wedding with smaller guest list

Generations have struggled to navigate who gets invited and who doesn’t. Formerly, the parents of the couple had more influence over their friends’ invitations, but this is less common nowadays. There was a drastic cut in the invite list for weddings in 2020/2021 because the law only permitted 15 to 30 attendees which created many great intimate occasions.

Despite the stress associated with cutting the list for wedding invitations, many people enjoyed the smaller celebrations and the chance to share their day with their close friends and family. It’s still popular to plan small and micro weddings now because couples enjoy being able to spoil their guests with amazing experiences that they couldn’t afford if they planned a large event.

Speciality Vendors

Couples are looking for other smart ways to entertain their guests. To start with, all weddings need the main vendors that are a must at any wedding including the venue, planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist and DJ/Band. However, many couples want to make their day unforgettable, especially when it comes to entertainment for the guests. Speciality vendors such as performers, live painters, fire performers and food trucks would be very popular in 2023.


Consider sustainable wedding ideas when planning your big day. There are many ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your wedding without making any noticeable changes to the venue.

Consider reusing or recycling your invitations. Their environmental impact will be reduced, and their cost will be lower. In addition, plates are a better alternative to plasticware when serving food. Be sure to avoid using plastic cups or disposable plates at outdoor weddings and receptions.

Disposable Cameras for wedding guests

It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already seen it all over your social media! We are seeing a resurgence of retro disposable cameras at weddings. Rather than carrying your smartphone with you, you can capture those all-important candid pictures with this beautiful idea for alternative and natural wedding photos. Videos showing younger guests holding disposable cameras and taking pictures from their perspective have been a breath of fresh air and rather cute.

Embroidered Veils

In recent years, couples have started getting really creative with how they incorporate subtle nods to different aspects of their lives into their wedding. Recently, embroidered veils have become one of the most popular ways to do this. It ranges from Hailey Bieber embroidering part of her vows onto her veil to Kourtney Kardashian embroidering her new husband’s head tattoo onto her veil. There have also been subtler ones. In the case of Justin Alexander’s wife Kelsey, she had their initials embroidered on her veil. The options for personalizing your veil are endless.

Zen wedding

By combining music, food and spirituality at the ceremony, the Zen theme unifies the couple with their guests. Whether it is in monochromatic colours or all-white with pastels and white flowers, the decoration can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. In order to accomplish this wedding idea for 2023, white or ivory linens, napkins, white plates, pastel-coloured accent pieces, and pops of colour in the form of table runners, pillows, throw blankets or other accessories, are the most appropriate choices.

blue wedding colour scheme

Blue wedding theme is in for 2023

Blue wedding colour palette

Blue is one of the preferred wedding colour schemes, regardless of whether you are going for a formal or casual wedding style. A blue wedding is perfect for both summer and winter weddings due to its airy feel. You can add coral or turquoise to your accent walls or wedding cake to enhance the blue colours in your venue. Add cool-weather flowers (hydrangeas, for example) or lanterns afterwards.


Pearls are a wedding décor idea that will be popular in 2023. There are so many things to consider, from the cake to the dress to the decor. Your wedding day can be made more glamorous with the addition of pearls. Almost any outfit or wedding decoration can be accented with them, as they make an impressive statement. When you want to stand out from the crowd, opt for a pearl-inspired look.

It is important to choose the right pearl size for your wedding dress, hair accessories, or wedding venue. You should also ensure that it complements the theme of your wedding. Furthermore, when using pearls to decorate your venue, bear in mind that brevity and talent go hand in hand.

Non-white wedding dresses

If not looking to follow the traditional wedding dress colour, then this idea is perfect for you. The predicted wedding dress trends for 2023 includes non-white dresses. Popular colours include pink, yellow, and even black wedding dresses. You can choose short or long styles, as well as different silhouettes. In addition, you can choose dresses that have lace details or small flowers. It is easy to match these colours to a variety of skin tones while still maintaining a unique style.


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