Autumn Wedding Foods – Our 8 Favourites

As the nights start drawing in and the temperature starts to drop, we’re all accustomed to curling up under the duvet and indulging in the culinary deliciousness that autumn brings. With earthy, rich foods making their way back into our cooking menus, it’s easy to see why dining at this time of year is a favourite pastime for a lot of people. While we’re used to making the most of the autumn season’s offerings at home and at restaurants, it would be a travesty not to include them within an autumnal wedding, to really complete the theme and set the tone for the day.

Wedding food ideas can be a challenge, so it’s always best to get inspiration from the seasons. And we are not just talking pumpkin pie, mulled wine and hot chocolate (unless you want that of course), these are what we think are worthy contenders for your wedding breakfast to wow your guests.

Autumn Wedding Food Ideas

1.   Truffle

While being extravagantly delicious at any time of the year, truffle really comes into its own during autumn and winter, due to the rich and earthy taste profile that it has. serving this alongside bacon or other pork cuts for a starter would be the perfect way to start a meal.

2.   Spiced Chutneys

We’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t fall in love with at least one flavour of chutney, especially as there’s so many available nowadays. Nothing says “autumn” more than spices mixing alongside fruits to create a deliciously moreish little treat. Adding a selection of chutneys to a cheese board at the end of your evening meal is sure to keep everyone happy!

3.   Goats Cheese

Any type of cheese really becomes a firm favourite of most households during the autumn and winter months, as it seems to remind us of family get-togethers and snacking during the cooler evenings with our loved ones. Goats cheese in particular is the perfect addition to an autumn wedding meal, especially when in combination with beetroot and walnuts for an incredible salad. Blue cheese is also an option, as is having a collection as a wedding cake alternative.

4.   Root Vegetables

While many think that root vegetables aren’t exactly fancy or even a wedding food at all, they’re the epitome of an ideal food for autumn and should take their rightful place in your wedding meal! Making sure that they’re roasted to perfection or included within a delicious soup, such as butternut squash and parsnip for example, will allow you and your guests to enjoy wholesome seasonal veggies in a way which remains exciting and tasty. It’s comfort food that caters to all and tastes great.

5.   Beef

This isn’t one for our vegan or vegetarian guests. However, for the meat lovers out there, there’s barely anything better than a slow-roasted, beautifully cooked piece of beef paired with seasonal autumn vegetables. There’s so many choices too, from rich stews and roast dinners, all the way up to a beef wellington or a fillet steak, there’s something for (almost) everyone to enjoy, without having to serve something too adventurous.

Autumn Wedding Food Ideas

Hog Roast Baps can be a great choice for evening guests at the drinks reception


6.   Pork

There’s so many ways that pork can become an option within your wedding menu. Whether you’re wanting to have a classic pork roast with crackling and locally produced apple sauce, or an evening reception hog roast in a bap and accompanying sides, this meat can be incredibly versatile and is a mouth-watering choice for your day.

7.   Fruit Crumble

This has to be one of our favourite types of food for autumn! Admittedly, this doesn’t sound too extravagant from the outset. However, everyone can appreciate an outstanding fruit crumble, made from locally sourced seasonal fruit and served with a fresh Creme Anglaise to add even more perfection to an outstanding dish. Make the most of the autumn season by opting for fruits such as apples, blackberries, damsons, pears and rhubarb and you’ll have a dessert that guests will be talking about for a long while afterwards.

8.   Creme Brulee

Another understated and often unappreciated dish is the classic Creme Brulee. You don’t necessarily need to stick to the ultra traditional recipe if you’d like to spice things up a little, by having something like a chocolate Creme Brulee paired with pecan nuts, caramel and ginger with a salted caramel ice cream on the side, you’ll have a truly outstanding dessert on your wedding menu. Don’t be afraid to ask your chef or restaurant to try and add a modern twist to the classic menu items that people already love, as you’ll likely end up with dishes which complement the season beautifully.

Planning An Autumn Wedding?

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