The Most Unique Wedding Cake Designs for Your Big Day

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding. First, you need to think about your budget, guest list, and venue. But one of the most important decisions you’ll make is also one of the easiest: what kind of wedding cake ideas you want for your big day.

Many couples choose a traditional tiered cake because it’s classic and elegant. Other couples opt for something more modern. Whatever type you choose, just remember that this dessert will become part of your memories forever so here are some unique wedding cake designs for inspiration.

Hand Painted Cakes

If you’re going for something more contemporary, a hand-painted cake is a great option. These cakes are usually frosted in buttercream or fondant and then decorated with colourful edible paints. This type of cake will make your guests ooh and ahh as they take their first bite.

Hand-painted cakes are also easy to personalize. There are many online bakeries that offer a variety of designs that can match your theme or wedding colours. For example, if you’re getting married at the beach, there are plenty of ocean-themed cakes to choose from. If you’re using a lot of gold tones for your special day, there are lots of honeycomb cakes to choose from as well. You can even find some that come with edible gold leaf on top!

Painting a cake is a very skilled craft, so it’s probably not for do-it-yourselfers. Unless you’re an artist by nature, in which case this could be the ideal cake for you! As long as you like what you see when ordering the cake, it’s the perfect choice for your big day.

Modern Art Style Cakes

Many couples are looking for something more modern for their wedding cake. The traditional tiered cake is great, but some people want to do something different. One option is a modern art style cake. This type of cake is usually three tiers and the frosting is piped onto the cake in an abstract or artistic way. This gives it that contemporary art vibe that many couples love. Another advantage of this type of design is that it’s relatively easy to make with most cakes made out of white icing which makes it easier to decorate with frosting in an artistic way.

Flamboyant Colourful Cakes

If you want your cake to stand out, then a colourful flamboyant cake is the way to go. If you’re not into traditional tiered cakes, then an unusual design will be perfect for you. These days there are plenty of interesting options that are perfect for couples who want their cake to reflect their personality and style.

Are you hosting a destination wedding? If so, then a beach-themed cake might be just what you’re looking for. Or maybe an outdoor wedding is more your style – in this case, consider a whimsical garden-inspired dessert or even one designed specifically to resemble the landscape of your venue.

Whatever kind of cake you choose, make sure it’s flavourful! Cakes can be anything from vanilla to chocolate to red velvet, but no matter what flavour you pick, make sure it complements the theme and type of wedding that you’re having.

Mismatched Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes are a classic choice for the traditional wedding cake. But some couples might want to mix up this tradition with an unexpected flavour or style. A mismatched three tier wedding cake is the perfect way to introduce something new to your big day. You can opt for an elegant, traditional white cake on the bottom tier and then create a second tier of more design-forward flavour combinations. For example, you could have a lemon cake with raspberry mousse filling on the middle tier and orange marmalade buttercream frosting on top.

A hanging unique wedding cake design

A hanging wedding cake

Hanging Cakes

Upside down cakes or suspended cakes are not your standard wedding cake, and the best ones are an art form in themselves. These beautiful cakes defy gravity and create an impressive centrepiece.

They are typically created smaller and simpler than right-way-up wedding cakes as too many pieces of the cake can fall or be knocked off balance, but you can still make them your own. Discuss what you want your cake to look like with your cake maker. They’ll be able to suggest some creative ideas that will make your hanging cake look fantastic.

Pop Art Cakes

If you love art and want to make your cake stand out, why not go with a pop art design? These cakes are perfect for artists or those who appreciate modern art. This type of cake will show off the bride and groom’s personality. It also makes for an unforgettable wedding photo opportunity.

Another benefit of these cakes is that they’re easy to eat. They’re decorated with bright colours, so it’s hard to miss what flavour each piece is. For example, red pieces are strawberry flavoured while blue pieces are vanilla flavoured. Pop art cakes are fun to look at but they’ll also taste delicious!

Invisible Tiered Cakes

This elegant cake is made using a transparent copper box to form an invisible tier. This adds some height and stunning flair to the cake.

If you are looking for a stunning wedding cake, you can’t go wrong with this one. The colours are eye-catching and the designs are elegant. You can switch out the box for a different shade of colour if it matches your palette. It is also easy to modify this design based on your wedding colour scheme.

If you’re planning your wedding and debating between an invisible tier cake or a more traditional tiered one, remember that it’s not about which is better; it’s about what you like best and will be most satisfied with on your big day.

Skyscraper Cakes

If you’re looking for a more creative and modern cake, consider a skyscraper cake. They’re tall, elegant, and perfect for your wedding day. Skyscraper cakes are also popular because they can be customized in many different ways. You can add flowers, vines, or trellis on the side of the cake to create an intricate design.

It may be tricky to get this cake to the venue so you’ll need to talk about the practicalities with your cake designer. But this particular cake will make a big impact on your wedding and there would be endless amounts of cake for all the guests.

Bold Designed Cakes

Go big, bold and beautiful with your favourite coloured frosted cake. Traditional cakes use a plain base colour and are complemented with shades from your wedding palette. These cakes don’t really show much personality so you’ll your wedding cake to created to match your character. These wedding cakes can come in non-traditional shades and you can choose whatever shade you want to match with your colour scheme for your wedding.

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese Wedding Cakes are gaining in popularity

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheesecakes are more modern alternatives to traditional tiered cakes. They’re not as sweet as traditional desserts and can be made with various fruit toppings for a lighter flavour.

If you want a unique wedding cake that will even have guests talking about it after your big day, then cheesecakes might just do the trick. This cake is less sweet than traditional tiered cakes and perfect for those who love a classic dessert without all the sugar overload. They’re also much healthier than other options because they’re rich in calcium and protein.

When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, there are many exciting decisions to be made. Then, there are lots of beautiful designs to browse through and choose from social platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. Also don’t forget that the consultations are an important part of the process, and it’s a great way to get a taste of the cakes you’re considering. The cakes you love will be the centre of attention when it’s time to cut the cake on your special day – so you got to make sure you choose the right one!

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