8 Of The Best Autumn Wedding Flowers

It may not be obvious from the outset, but adapting your wedding theme to embrace the time of year is something which can help to create an even more beautiful day. By using the seasons to influence the colour scheme, outfits, flowers and food, you’ll experience a wedding day which is much more in tune with nature and the beauty that comes with that.

If you’re having an Autumn wedding, it’s important to find out which flowers are in abundance at that time of year and make use of them wherever you can in your colour theme and bridal bouquet. We have our full guide to seasonal flowers for more suggestions.

Autumnal Colour Scheme

While some flowers aren’t as available as others throughout the entire year, there are still so many gorgeous options when it comes to choosing your autumn wedding flowers. Start by taking inspiration from the natural occurring colours of Autumn, such as rich reds, deep browns, spiced burnt oranges and pure whites. These colour schemes can help to tie together everything from flowers, seat covers and even wedding attire for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. With a variety of colourful blooms and seasonal berries, the autumnal hues of fresh foliage can give a real rustic feel to the ceremony.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Here is our list of flowers for an autumn or fall wedding bouquet.

1.   Roses

While garden roses have been a long time classic of any wedding or formal event, using them in the Autumn when you have space for a striking deep red colour amongst your floral arrangement is almost an essential. Mixing traditionally-used flowers with flowers that are more modern and differently coloured, is a great way of having both a modern and traditional look for your wedding flowers.

2.   Gerberas

The popularity of the Gerbera has exploded over recent years, and it’s no surprise to see why! This flower is seen as a much more modern flower and is usually available in a vast array of bright colours. It also looks fairly unusual, like a cross between a sunflower and a colourful carnation, which ensures that it’s eye-catching and playful. Adding bright orange Gerberas to your autumn wedding flowers is a great way to liven up a lush bouquet and include some fun into your floral display.

3.   Calla Lilies

These specific types of Lilies have always been completely stunning and elegant, so it would almost be a crime not to include them in the floral design of an autumnal wedding. While the Calla Lily is still regarded as one of the most classic and beautiful wedding flowers, the stunning stark white of the flower can be used within an autumnal arrangement to give balance and brightness to the rest of the floral collection. use this sparingly throughout your autumn bouquet and you’ll be surprised at how it ties together the moody colours of autumn with the crisp whiteness that a wedding has in abundance.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Hydrangea, amarallis, roses and eucalyptus in an Autumn Wedding bouquet


4.   Hydrangeas

The Hydrangea can often be seen as an old fashioned flower to include within weddings, and sometimes sparks nostalgia from a childhood spent playing in your grandparents’ back garden. However, don’t be discouraged by the fact that the Hydrangea seems to have been with us in an everyday setting for a long time. A not so well known fact about Hydrangeas is that in the Autumn months, the flowers change into the most deliciously moody and deep green, burgundy, blue and purple colours, which make them one of the most perfect additions to an autumnal flower display.

5.   Sunflowers

For a long time, sunflowers weren’t seen as being an integral part of a wedding bouquet. However, luckily, times have changed! The sheer joy that sunflowers can bring to weddings is genuinely something that you have to witness. dotting them around the church within your autumn display or having large sunflowers to complete your centrepieces are a fantastic way of incorporating a slice of sunshine into your day.

6.   Dahlia

The Dahlia is a wonderful flower to incorporate into your wedding floral display, not simply because of the stunning deep burgundy and orange colours that they present, but also due to the fact that they keep flowering long into the Autumn months. Having such a long flowering season is perfect when using the Dahlia within your gorgeous bouquet, as there should be a fresh and colourful supply still available from your chosen florist.

7.   Amaryllis

This particular flower is sometimes seen as a risky flower to choose for a wedding, as it can sometimes look a little unusual. However, by adding this gloriously red flower to the earthy tones of your existing autumnal colour palette, you’ll have an unbelievably interesting and eye-catching display, which will look stunning within your wedding photos.

8.   Physalis

We might be slightly biased, but this is one of our absolute favourite additions to any autumn wedding. From the nightshade family, this is a flower that you can actually eat at the end of your evening if you choose to! The delicate light oak coloured leaves covering the orange fruit inside, makes for a really stunning look and give off a “olde worlde” autumn feel. the Physalis would look incredible if it featured within your centrepieces or as table runners during your evening meal.

Planning Your Autumn Wedding?

Find the perfect edible accompaniment to your fall wedding flowers in our Autumn wedding foods guide. From root vegetables and beef to spiced chutneys and goat’s cheese, plan your perfect dinner menu with our help.


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