What are the Right Shoes to Wear with your Suit

When it comes to wedding day clothing, a man has many options for how he wants to look. It can be a challenge to find the right balance of comfort and style, but it is entirely possible with the right pair of shoes.

The correct dress shoes may totally transform a suit. The incorrect dress shoes can also ruin someone just as easily. The incorrect shoes can spoil a perfectly cut suit, along with a tastefully selected dress shirt and tie. The result of wearing the incorrect shoes with your suit is similar to the sensation of purchasing a brand-new Ferrari and then fitting it with the tyres you recently used on your Honda Civic.

And since keeping up with changing trends is essential to staying ahead of the curve, we have blessed you with advice to help you rock that look like a pro once again. Here are some helpful suggestions on what shoes go best with your suiting essentials.

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Types of shoes to wear with a suit

Let’s look at some of the options for what shoes to wear with your tuxedo or suit for your wedding. There are few things more important than choosing the right pair of shoes for your big day. After all, your footwear will be one of the first things people see when you walk down the aisle – and likely one of the most memorable too!


In terms of ideal shoe shapes for a variety of social settings where suits are advised, the streamlined and elegant oxford is unrivalled. The leather shoe is appropriate for the office, a date, and a wedding, quite literally. The design features a low heel, an exposed ankle, and a closed-lace system in which the tongue is sewn separately beneath the vamp and the eyelet facing is stitched under the quarters, the inside quarters, and the outer quarters are stitched underneath. Oxfords come in a variety of styles, but the plain-toe, cap-toe, and whole-cut are the most popular.

Monk Strap

The monk strap shoe is another option for dressier occasions, such as a wedding; it’s less formal than the oxford or derby, but it’s still a distinctive and fashionable appearance deserving of any suit-wearing sir’s wardrobe. This fashion has ancient roots that go back to the Middle Ages, just like the brogue.

When European monks saw how ineffective double-strapped sandals were for navigating perilous roads with exposed toes, they rapidly devised a solution in a shoe that was covered, protected their feet, and could forge through even the most difficult terrain. The sandal eventually became a closed-toe monk strap shoe, which still resembles it today.

People are going to remember you as the person wearing the monk strap shoe if you get one and wear it to a wedding because of its distinctive appearance and silhouette.

The Derby

The derby, while a lace-up dress shoe like the oxford, has an open lacing system. The quarters are stitched above the vamp (as opposed to below the vamp with the oxford). The open-laced design creates an appearance and feel that is a little looser and more flexible. While solid black or brown leather derby shoes are a great choice for a cleaner, more professional appearance, you can also go with a pair of suede or lighter leather derbies for a more laid-back wedding.


Once you have derbies, monk straps, and oxfords in your shoe collection, you may add a pair of loafers as a transitional option between a professional and casual dress. Loafers are the most recognisable type of slip-on footwear without an integrated lacing mechanism. The penny loafer, tassel loafer, and horse bit loafer are three common variations that come in both leather and suede materials. And a loafer’s beauty comes across as ease and simplicity, with a dash of polish and charm.

Classic polished mens brown oxford brogues

Classic polished men’s brown oxford brogues

The Brogue

In contrast to the oxford and derby, a brogue is more of an ornamental adornment with a sawtooth-like, serrated design on the edges of the leather pieces that make up the shoe’s upper. Although to confuse matters, brogues are often Oxford style. Farmers working in the muddy, wet peat moss fields at the start of the 19th century would perforate or pierce their shoes to enable drainage. Although the brogue detail had a much more practical beginning, it has since evolved into a way to have some fun with dress shoes. The beauty of the brogue is that it can easily be dressed up or down, which means it can work with both formal and casual looks.

Chelsea Boots

They are highly fashionable in the right setting, but they lack the formal appeal of the other dress shoe options you have. Not all of them are created equal, which is the problem. In fact, if you don’t know what you’re doing, some Chelsea boots might look downright ludicrous with a suit.

Chelsea boots are snug-fitting ankle boots with stretchy side panels that were made popular by legendary rock legends The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 1960s and 1970s mod era. In suede, they have a cosy, laid-back attitude that fits the office or a night out. In leather, they have a very slick and polished appearance, which may suit some types of weddings.

How to pick the right shoe colour?

To put together a put-together and fashionable look, you must choose shoes that are the right colour to go with your suit. If you’re wearing the wrong shoes, no matter how sleek and smart your suit is, your outfit will never look right.

You must therefore discover which of your suits go with which pairs of shoes. Some colour choices will clash and seem unattractive, while others will be blatantly fashionable and complimentary. Here is your guide to the right shoes to wear with your suit.

Black Colour Suit

In contrast to black suits, navy suits go well with a variety of shoe colours. The most dependable colours are usually black, brown, and burgundy; these are excellent choices to have on hand.

Knowing which shoe colour goes best with a black suit is essential because every man should own one. Choosing which shoes to wear with a black suit is easy, even though you may not be able to explore and have fun with different looks. Black is the only colour of shoe that goes perfectly with a black suit, thus you should always go with black.

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Charcoal Colour Suit

Burgundy shoes will go well with a charcoal suit even though brown shoes won’t. Burgundy’s deeper and darker shade looks balanced when paired with dark grey. Even though the outfit can easily be worn for formal occasions, it also works well for semi-formal situations, especially when styled in a non-traditional way.

Grey Colour Suit

You must first determine the shade of grey your suit is before determining what colour shoes to pair with it. You must first decide if it is light or dark because this will influence whether shoes go well with it. Although light grey suits are simpler to match, both colours have a wide range of options, some of which are interchangeable.

Despite being less formal than navy blue suits, grey suits are equally flexible. All three shoe colours work well with them as a pair. In particular, black shoes with a white dress shirt and a tie are the ideal option while wearing medium-grey suits. When the shirt has some patterns, brown and burgundy shoes transform it into a casual/social outfit.

And then we have light grey suits, which work really well for spring/summer wear. The lighter the shade, the easier it is to apply patterns (such as checks or herringbone) into the suit – since they’re more visible.

Navy Colour Suit

You’ll be happy to discover that the traditional navy suit is a much more versatile option for the modern guy if you’re a well-dressed businessman or have a spring wedding on the horizon. There aren’t many colours of shoes that it won’t go well with. It is advised to pair yours with dark brown shoes and understated yet elegant accessories for the most effective look.

Blue Colour Suit

This suit will be the one you wear the most out of all the others if you’re like most men. This can be used in the workplace, at weddings, or in interviews. The shoes will make or break this suit because of their versatility and the multitude of events it can be worn to. Brown shoes are the way to choose if you need to draw attention to your face, whether it’s in the office, during an interview, or in any other setting. If you’re wearing this suit to a wedding, tan shoes are king. About as striking a contrast as you can find in your suit collection is between your blue and tan.

Brown Colour Suit

Most pairs of brown shoes go with brown suits. There must be a clear distinction between the colours of the shoe and the clothing. It will seem strange overall if the two browns look identical. The brown shoes should generally be darker than the brown suit (which helps keep the eye from being drawn downward). But a distinct distinction is what matters most. And burgundy or oxblood shoes make that easier to achieve.

Tan Colour Suit

Because of their light colour and airy appearance, tan suits are a popular choice for summer. This is the best Easter suit you’ll have in your closet, perhaps matching your white and pastel-coloured shirt and tie combinations better. It’s crucial to mix them with lightweight shoes in order to preserve this sleek and brilliant appearance. Shoes in light brown or white will make the ideal pair, but those in black, burgundy, or dark brown will all appear to be far too hefty.


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