How To Plan a Last Minute Wedding: A Complete Guide

Planning the perfect wedding is no easy task. With so much to do and so little time, it can be difficult to determine what to prioritize and when. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or helping a friend prepare for theirs, it’s important to set realistic expectations about the timeline.

This article will provide you with all the information you need about planning a last minute wedding. It will cover everything from figuring out the guest list to picking the bridesmaid dresses. No matter how much time you have, this guide will help you plan a last minute wedding that has all of your favourite elements.

What to do in the months leading up to the wedding?

6 Months Leading up to the Wedding: The best way to start planning your last minute wedding is by getting organized. Take this time to make a list of all the tasks you need to complete, and prioritize them based on what needs to be done first. Write down important deadlines for things like the cake tasting or the tuxedo fitting.

1 Month Before The Wedding: Make sure that everyone who will be helping out with the wedding knows exactly what they need to do. Send confirmation emails or reminders about responsibilities to volunteers, including the maid of honour, best man, flower girl, ring bearer, etc.

2 Weeks Before The Bride’s Big Day: Now is also a good time to take care of any last-minute errands. Pick up any invitations or programs that are outstanding or order any missing favours or decorations online. It’s also important to have someone help you address any cards that are still outstanding so you can send them in time for your wedding day. If you’re running low on supplies like stamps or envelopes, it may be time to place an order before they run out!

Last Minute Wedding stress

Dealing with day-of stress

The day of your wedding can be stressful; there are so many details to remember and make sure happen. When you’re planning your own wedding, it can be hard to figure out how to get everything done on time. The best thing you can do is set realistic expectations about the timeline. If something takes a little longer than expected, don’t worry! There isn’t anything in this post that will take more than a few hours.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what to prioritize, try using a checklist for day-of tasks. Put together a list of all the things you need to do on the day of your wedding and tick them off once they’re done. This will help keep you focused and organized when stress levels start rising.

Planning a last minute wedding may seem overwhelming at first, but with these tips, it will be easier than ever!

Budgeting for a last minute wedding

Since you probably don’t have a lot of time, the first thing you need to figure out is how much money you have to spend.

You should allocate a fixed amount of money for each task and stick to it. You can allocate a smaller amount of money for tasks that don’t require as much attention, such as the cake or invitations. But if there are larger tasks, like your dress or photographer, allocate more money so that it doesn’t cut into other important areas.

It can be tempting to spend more than you have just because there is less time allotted. But doing so will only put undue stress on yourself and those around you. Stick with your budget and prioritize how best to allocate your funds. Trust us – it will save everyone a lot of headaches in the long run!

wedding venue

Ceremony venue

The most important factors are the location of the ceremony and how many people will be in attendance. If you have your heart set on a specific location, it’s best to book early so you can avoid being disappointed later. To determine how many people can fit at your desired venue, search for their maximum capacity ahead of time. For example, if you want somewhere that can hold 300 guests, but your guest list currently has 350 people, it might be wiser to choose a different venue that can accommodate more people.

There are also several types of venues that are perfect for last minute weddings, like hotels or banquet halls. They can be booked with little notice and offer all the amenities of traditional wedding venues like catering and décor rentals. These types of venues are great for couples who don’t feel like they have enough time to plan an event from scratch.

Reception venue

This is where the majority of people will be spending their time, so you want it to be comfortable and beautiful. A great option for a last minute wedding is an outdoor venue that has some shade trees. If you’re having an evening wedding, this would also help with lighting. It can also be good to have some kind of backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

If you’re looking for an indoor reception, make sure it is large enough to accommodate your guest list. You may need to rent additional space if the venue isn’t big enough.

Regardless of which type of venue you choose, make sure it has plenty of parking space available, good food catering options, and bathrooms that are in close proximity to the event area.

last minute wedding dress

Wedding dress

The one thing no bride ever wants to worry about is finding the perfect wedding dress. Unfortunately, what you want and what’s in stock can be two different things. It’s always a good idea to check stores close to your wedding location or order dresses online in advance, but if you’re getting married last minute, it can be difficult to find the perfect gown.

Fortunately, there are plenty of last minute wedding dress options available. If you happen to have a friend who has an extra dress they could lend you, that’s always an option. If not, try looking at secondhand stores near where you’ll be getting married. You can also shop for dresses on sites like eBay or Amazon that sell used dresses. Buying a slightly used dress will probably save you money while giving you just as many options as buying new.


It’s important to have a plan for your reception food because you don’t want to be left with this task on your big day.

There are three different types of caterers: buffet, family-style, and plated. With a buffet style reception, guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes on display at the party. Family-style catering consists of servers presenting each dish on large platters to tables of guests. And with set-plate catering, servers will place food on individual plates for guests seated at their table.

Selecting the type of catering service depends largely on your budget and how many people you’re having at your wedding. You should also think about the type of foods you prefer and what may be more convenient for your venue if space is limited.

Before making a final decision, visit some different venues with private dining spaces where you’re considering hosting your reception and view their options for decorating their space. It’s not too late to get new ideas!


You don’t want to miss capturing these memories for the rest of your life. Photos help people remember the details and emotions that were running through them when they said “I Do”.

Finding a good photographer isn’t always easy. It can be tempting to just hire someone who has a website and can take pictures, but this isn’t an ideal situation. You want to make sure that any person you hire is qualified and experienced in what they do best.

When researching photographers, look at their portfolio and make sure they have experience shooting weddings. If not, set up an interview to discuss what they specialize in and ask for references from other clients. You also want to make sure that their style aligns with what you want for your wedding day before booking them!


Florists are professionals who can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event. When making decisions about flowers, colours, and other design elements, florists are the experts you need to consult. As well as providing advice about colour combinations, they can also provide you with cost estimates for different types of flowers. They will also work closely with other vendors to ensure that your floral needs are met on budget and on time.

The best thing about hiring a florist for your last minute wedding is that they can help you find the perfect centrepiece without much delay. If you’re looking for something unique or something that matches your personal style, don’t worry! Florists are experts at coming up with designs that suit your preferences and match your aesthetic tastes.

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