5 Common Wedding Problems and Solutions

There are many problems that can arise when planning your wedding day, such as budgeting, guest list, and catering. However, you should always remember your relationship is the most important aspect of the wedding. The best thing you can do is to keep communicating with each other and make compromises together.

So if you have 99 wedding planning problems and getting hitched ain’t one, then our guide to the five common wedding problems and solutions will help you to stay on track in your planning process.

The guests should be dancing all night

wedding dancing

If you want your wedding guests to be parting into the early hours of the morning then all you have to do is not distract your guests! This is what your wedding is all about. Make sure to invest your money in good quality lighting and music but don’t distract your guests by putting a photobooth or leaving a food truck outside of the venue. Keep the joyful activities to inside the where the guests will follow. You don’t want all your best friends lining up for a photo when the DJ or the wedding band are playing your favourite song.

Make sure to keep the bar within the reception space and leave a lounge area for all your guests who look to chill instead of dance. Also, give the catering team the freedom to pass around last night snacks to everyone near the dancefloor instead of setting up the food station outside the room.

If you know you have more reserved guests then you want to make sure that you set a timeline for your reception that is consistent with how long your guests need, so they can have the best time possible. For starters, if you’re planning on having a traditional sit-down dinner, plan on an hour or two of dinner and a two to three-hour dance party afterwards. If everyone’s not up from their seats and on the dance floor in your reception, then go over to their tables and give some encouragement to dance with you! It’s only fair that they boogie with you on your big day.

Having a bar could create long queues

Guests do not want to be waiting in a long queue for their drinks. It’s even more of a challenge when 150+ guests all want cocktails at the same time. In order to avoid these problems, you’ll need the catering team to carry drinks trays with them to each table. Make sure to get them to give drinks to anyone whose hands are drink-free before they bring out the appetizers. Alternatively, have some handy grab options like bottles of beer or wine ready to pour.

Drinks such as Champagne and Wine are easy to tray pass but you could also let them know about the cocktail of the day. Or if you know your crowd is more into light and fruity cocktails, then pass around some Pina Coladas or Strawberry and Lime Margaritas. This means that all your guests will go to the bar if they want the speciality cocktail of the day.  It may be good to invest in bartenders for when you start serving your cocktails and wine stewards for around dinner.

Flowers may block the guest’s view across the table

There are not many florists that would design a centrepiece that blocks the view of guests on the table. Normally they design the arrangements to either shit short on the table or be on a vase above eye level. If you are worried about the arrangement blocking the guest’s view then ask the florist if she is able to produce a mockup of the centrepiece ahead of the wedding. That way, you will know the volume, size and height of each floral design.

People may think they can bring their own guests

Your wedding invitation will give a clear idea to your guests of who is invited by listing each of their names. However, if there are guests who would like to invite someone with them then you should give them a firm but polite response. You could say something like: “We are happy that you attend and celebrate our wedding. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate more guests.” You could also send all your attendees a personalised RSVP card with everyone that has been invited along with a space next to their name that marks meal choice and attendance

Long tables aren’t good for social interactions

table setting

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the social interactions between guests. When your tables are long, this limits the number of people who can interact with each other. This makes interactions more difficult, and your guests may not enjoy themselves as much as they could have.

A long table setup can work in a banquet hall where there’s a good chance that your guests are just as interested in mingling as they are in being at their table. But if you’re hosting an intimate event where you want people to focus primarily on talking, you may want to consider round tables or cocktail tables instead.

No matter what kind of space you have available, it’s important to take into account all the needs of your guests so that everyone is able to have a fun and enjoyable time at your event.

Other wedding problems and solutions

One of the most common headache when planning is wedding guest list problems and the table plan with who sits where. The obvious answer to this is to have a destination wedding which cuts down on invited guests to your nearest and dearest for the ultimate intimate wedding. You can always have a big  party on your return, and it completely removes the headache.

You also have to accept that some things you can’t control, like bad weather. The solution is to plan ahead and have a plan B for the rain.

Another common problem is guests not turning up at the last instance, which once you’ve paid the caterers can be frustrating. If you have an evening guest on standby to come earlier, they can step in and ensure no food goes to waste. The could be a work colleague, more distant family members or a new partner of the wedding party who just missed the cut.

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