The Roles and Responsibilities for the Groomsmen

When it comes to being a groomsman, there is a little more involved than just picking up your tux or suit. You’ll need to plan ahead for the big day, be a good sport and help make sure the wedding runs smoothly.

The groom’s closest friends and siblings are part of the pre-wedding events and parties. They help the bride, groom, guests to follow along with any activities or tasks that may be in their schedule for their big day. On the wedding day itself, they assist guests by ensuring a happy time is had by all. If a Groomsman is a good orator, they could also help with the best man’s speech or cover one of the romantic readings.

Before the wedding

Stag-Do Ready

The bride and her bridesmaids have a lot of things to do for the wedding, but that does not stop the groomsmen from enjoying their time before they get married. They can just focus on having fun on the Stag-do.

If the best man is leading, it’s usually a good idea for groomsmen to play along. A night out or weekend away can be organized and planned with ease if you’re working together. In this scenario, your job would simply be to ensure that the groom has a great time and keep him safe and away from any troubles.

Whether you’re planning a stag do or looking for some good ideas, remember that a bit of planning and preparation will help ensure your day is a fun and safe one. Remember to not do anything outrageous or risky on your stag night, like pulling a prank that will get you in trouble before the grooms big day.

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Suit Up

If the groomsmen are required to wear particular formal attire for a wedding, they may need to go through a sizing process so that their outfits match each other. Some of these companies include Moss Bros Hire who can provide tailored suits in different sizes and colours from around the country and be ready at any time before your wedding.

The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is the time for the groomsmen and the bridal party to get to know the bride and groom and their families. If the wedding is going to be a small, intimate affair, a rehearsal dinner might be the only opportunity for the wedding party to spend time together.

If the groomsmen want to buy a gift for the lucky couple, it’s probably better to do it before the rehearsal dinner, so they can choose something that will last. You could also opt to give a rehearsal speech to test it out to the guests at the rehearsal dinner.

During the wedding

For the groom and his groomsmen, this is a big day, so you want to make sure that everyone is well-groomed and looks their best. The groomsmen should be there to support the groom and offer a little comic relief, but you don’t want to get too carried away.

If you’re the groomsmen, then it’s your job to ensure that you are all sober and ready for the big day. That’s why you should always be checking in with the bridal party to ensure that they are on the ball and ready to get started. The groomsmen should periodically check in with the bridesmaids to see that everything is going smoothly on their side.

Before the ceremony, groomsmen will be asked to serve as ushers. They may also hand out programs and greet guests, directing them to their seats before the processional of the bride and groom’s big day. Just before the ceremony begins, the groomsmen will then position themselves upfront with the groom either via walking up the aisle themselves or with bridesmaids.

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Marriage – Done Deal

After the wedding, it is important for the groomsmen to stay together and be available for any formal photos with the bridal party. The bridesmaids may require you to show guests around the new venue or give directions on where they need to travel.

The reception is the perfect time to show off your dancing skills and get everyone on to the dance floor. You should probably leave the heavy drinking for the other guests as you’ll be responsible to sort things out if a problem arises. It’s okay to have a little fun though, but try not to upstage the bride.

It is customary for the groomsmen to help with the bride and groom’s departure after a wedding ceremony. They can assist them by decorating their getaway car and assisting in carrying items such as gifts, which would be placed inside of it. It is also expected that they will attend a day-after brunch (if arranged) in order to enjoy some time reminiscing about the special event.

After the bride and groom have departed, you can party as much as you want because you are done with your job as Groomsman.

groomsman gifts

How far in advance should you ask your groomsmen?

Ask your groomsmen 9 to 10 months before the wedding so that it gives them enough time to save the date and plan any travel that is needed to attend all the pre-wedding events.

Who should I pick for my groomsmen?

The groom usually asks close friends and male relatives to be their groomsmen. He may also ask the spouse or partner of the bridesmaids if they spend a lot of time together. The groom typically asks his best friend, brother or father to be the best man.

How many groomsmen is normal?

You’ll need to strike a balance between the number of groomsmen and bridesmaids. So you will need to have a discussion with your partner about how many close friends or relatives you want in the wedding party. The typical number of groomsmen is 6 but every wedding is different.

Is it okay to not have groomsmen?

If you choose to have a wedding without groomsmen or bridesmaids then that is entirely up to you. Your wedding is about picking the traditions that feel right to both of you as a couple.
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