Best Footwear for a Summer Wedding Party

Finding the perfect pair of comfortable wedding guest shoes is no easy task; they should be elegant and stylish but also comfortable to wear on your feet all day long. Perhaps you can’t get enough of your trusty Ted Baker boots, but they’re probably not suitable attire for a summer wedding on the beach.

To help you find that perfect pair, we’ve created a list of three different scenarios for the summer season: beach weddings, ballroom or hotel weddings, and garden weddings. We’ve also included some helpful tips on what to consider when choosing footwear for your or a loved one’s special day.

For the beach

If you’re attending a beach wedding, sandals or flip-flops are the easiest picks. If you choose to wear these shoes, make sure that they complement what you’re wearing – a strapless gown might look best with strappy sandals or flip-flops on the beach, but paired with a more formal outfit, they could seem out of place. Whether you wear flip-flops or strappy gladiator sandals depends on what kind of party it is (and how fancy/casual the other wedding guests are dressed).

Sandals are ideal for summer events because they keep your feet cool and comfortable while being easy to kick off when you want to dance. The dress code tends to be very casual and relaxed for beach weddings, so you can get away with wearing footwear like this that perhaps wouldn’t be appropriate in other settings.

Woman is walking in high heels in the summer

For a ballroom or hotel wedding

A classic pair of high heels will be expected if you’re going to a ballroom or hotel wedding. They’ll make your legs look great and make you feel elegant. However, they are not practical if the food tables are at the other end of the room. Plus, dancing in sky high stilettos can be tricky!

A great alternative for summer weddings is sandals with a low block heel and ankle strap. These classic shoes go with everything from cocktail dresses to sundresses and are perfect for warm-weather weddings where there won’t be much walking involved. So if high heels aren’t quite cutting it for your style, try wedge espadrilles instead. They are certainly easier on the dance floor, as are any style with a padded insole or cushioned footbed.

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For a garden wedding

Garden weddings offer a lot of versatility when it comes to footwear. Here are a few options you might like to consider:

  • Dress shoes: If the dress code is smart, you may want to consider some dressy sandals or other shoes that can be easily removed at the end of the night when it’s time to dance.
  • Sandals: A pair of comfortable flip-flops or sandals with straps that go around your ankles will help keep your feet cool. If you don’t want to get your feet too dirty, make sure they’re made from leather or another material that won’t absorb dirt easily!
  • Flats: If you’re planning on dancing all night long and don’t feel like switching into heels after dinner’s over, then flats are an ideal choice for this type of event. They’ll give you support without making it hard to dance!
  • Heels: High heels are a classic choice for weddings because they make your legs look longer. They might not be comfortable enough if there’s going to be lots of walking involved, though.

Have fun finding the perfect pair of shoes for your occasion

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your event, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want to have fun. There’s no point in choosing a pair of shoes if you don’t love them!

Second, it’s important that you know what kind of outfit you will be wearing and which type of shoe goes best with it. Thirdly, once you have the right outfit and choose your shoes based on their style and comfort level (not forgetting colour coordination), ensure they fit correctly by trying them on in person before making a purchase online. Finally, and this shouldn’t need saying, make sure not to forget about also considering what type of surface your event will be held on! An outdoor wedding day will likely involve softer ground and grass.

A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love and the beginning of a new journey together. Whether you’re the bride, groom or just an invited guest, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best on this important day. We hope that our tips have helped you find the comfortable shoes for your occasion.

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