How To Plan A Memorable Summer Wedding

When the warm weather hits, you may be looking to plan a last-minute summer wedding! Don’t worry! Planning a wedding in a matter of weeks/months is possible, but you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure that you’re ready for the task.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and there’s no better time to enjoy the sun and beautiful weather. With so many options for your big day, you can have a dream wedding with flowers, music and style.

The most popular season to get married is Summer

Summer is the most popular season for getting married as people want to be outside and in the sun. This is a good time to get married because the weather is usually warm and the days are longer. There’s less chance of rain and the temperature is just right. You can’t forget that you will have the choice of a wider range of seasonal food and flowers so you can see why many people choose the summer months.

There are some days that are considered to be the most popular to get married, such as the 28th of August when around 1500 couples got married between 1998 and 2017. However, in 2017, the 2nd September had the most weddings, with around 4,370 on this day.

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Top Tips to organise a memorable summer wedding

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the details that you have to plan and manage, but here are our top tips on how to plan a memorable summer wedding!

Choose a neutral colour theme – Fresh, neutral colour schemes are great for summer weddings, as they can be easier to work with when the weather is warm. Neutral colours are versatile and can be used as accents as well as take centre stage as the overall colour scheme of your event. Also, maybe you’re having a rustic summer farm wedding or a laid-back beach ceremony. Be sure that your decorations reflect those neutral colour themes so that everything matches seamlessly.

Provide favours for guests – You’ll want to make sure you have all the essential favours ready for your wedding, like a sun hat, sunglasses and a fan. You also want to make sure that this favour is something that matches the tone and theme of your wedding. If you want something sweet and elegant, for example, make sure the favour reflects your preference in style and flavour!

Carefully choose flowers – The time of year will have an impact on your budget for decorations. Summer weddings tend to be more expensive because flowers are in season and prices for flowers go up during the warmer months.

Whether you are looking for a flower bouquet or a stunning centrepiece, you will want to consider your location and the temperature outside. You will also want to make sure that your flowers are going to stay beautiful for the duration of your wedding and don’t forget to pick a bouquet that will show off your new wedding ring.

Choose light materials – It’s not a good idea to wear thick fabrics on your wedding day. They’ll stick to your skin and you’ll be sticky and hot. Choose light fabrics such as cotton and linens or a backless wedding dress. Light colours are also flattering during the summer because they help keep the sun from making your skin look dirty or oily. You might find that some darker colours make you sweat more, which defeats the purpose of choosing lighter colours in the first place.

Choose an outdoor/indoor venue – If you decide on an outdoor venue, make sure that it has plenty of shade or things that can provide protection from the sun. You might also want to plan for some misting stations or fans around the event space. And if possible, think about having an indoor ceremony space available as well in case there is too much heat outside for all of your guests.

Choose the right music – Music is a crucial component for setting the ambience of your event. It creates an emotional backdrop for the party and can either make or break the mood. You want to be sure that you have music that matches your theme. For example, if you are having a summer wedding, you would want upbeat songs that evoke happiness and warmth. If food will be served at your event, you’ll want to have some tunes with mild melodies in the background so guests can talk to each other over their meal.

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What is the typical UK Summer weather like?

Typically the summer months were longer and hotter with temperatures between 15 to 30 degrees or 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. In 2021, according to Statista, the daily average temperature during the summer months were:

June – 15.4°C
July – 17.6°C (the driest month with the least amount of daily average rainfall)
August- 16.1°C

How to Execute Your Vision Flawlessly

The best way to execute your vision flawlessly is by planning ahead. You should start with a clear idea of the style and theme you want your wedding to have. Once you’ve nailed down those details, it will be easier for you to plan accordingly. For example, if you want a summer garden-themed wedding, you’ll need to find a venue that has a large outdoor space or an open indoor space. If you want a formal affair, then the location might not be as important as it would be for a laidback event. It all depends on what vibe you’re going for.

It’s also important to think about the logistics of your event. Where will people park? What kind of food will be served? How will alcohol be served? These are all questions that should be answered before the big day so everyone knows what to expect and they have time to prepare accordingly.

Lastly, consider how you can tweak budget-friendly suggestions from this article into a personalized vision for your event that feels unique and special just for your big day!

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