18 Wedding Guest book ideas for your big day

Are you struggling to find a unique way to capture the memories of your big day? Look no further than the guest book! This traditional staple has evolved into an opportunity for couples to showcase their personalities and creativity. From unconventional materials to interactive activities, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite wedding guest book ideas that will leave you with a keepsake as endearing as your wedding day itself. Get ready to be inspired!

What is a wedding guest book?

A wedding guest book is a book, typically a scrapbook, that is used to collect signatures, marriage advice and well wishes from the guests who attend a wedding. Typically, the guest book is placed either at the entrance of the wedding ceremony or near the guest book table. It’s important to give people time and space to write from the heart, so you may want to leave pen and paper out for first drafts.

Wedding guest books are a great way for newlyweds to remember all the wonderful people who attended their wedding. Many choose to have a photo album or scrapbook that they can add photos of their wedding day to. This will last a lifetime and be a beautiful reminder of their walk down the aisle. Couples can also add the guests’ messages to the scrapbook pages to make the guest book even more meaningful.

Alternative guest book ideas

There are many ways to make your guest book unique and treasured. Here are some non-traditional suggestions to get you started:

  1. Have guests write their worldly advice on a blank canvas or piece of art that you can display in your home.
  2. Provide a wish jar and small cards for guests to write their wishes for the married couple. These can read the messages and keep them in the jar as a keepsake.
  3. Have a polaroid camera so guests can take a selfie and write a note on the back, this can also work with pictures from a wedding photo booth.
  4. Have guests add to a scrapbook with photos from your engagement and wedding day.
  5. If you’re crafty, have guests use individual wooden blocks that you can later use to build a personalized piece of furniture or as a Jenga wedding guest book to keep at home. A simple and creative idea to give so much fun in the future.
wedding guest writes in book

Wedding guest writes in book a heartfelt message

Unique guest book ideas

If you’re looking for more unique ideas for your wedding day, here are some creative ones that will have your guests signing with style:

  1. Wooden guest book: This rustic guest book is perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding theme. Guests can sign their names on wooden blocks that can be later used as decoration in your home, you could even sprinkle some natural confetti around the book to make it feel more rustic.
  2. Photo guest book: Have guests take either polaroid pictures of themselves at the wedding or have a photo booth and stick them in for a photo book. This is a fun way to capture everyone’s memories of the day, especially if they have copies with the wedding date added.
  3. Map guest book: If you’re having a destination wedding, why not incorporate a map into your guest book? Guests can sign their names and well-wishes next to where they’re from on a world map. This makes for a beautiful display piece in your home afterwards. This can also work with pre-brought postcards from key locations, either where your friends and family live, or where you met, or even places that are significant to your relationship.
  4. Recipe card guest book: For couples who love to cook, collect recipes from your guests to create a personalized cookbook to share your love. This is a great way to remember all of the amazing dishes you’ve tried over the years.
  5. Quilt square guest book: With this sweet idea guests sign quilt squares that can later be assembled into a beautiful wedding quilt. This makes for a lovely memento of your big day that you can enjoy for years to come every winter.
  6. Board game guest book: Provide a board game with blank cards for messages. The couple can read these and reminisce while playing it on game night.
  7. Puzzle guest book: Create a personalized puzzle with a photo of the couple or their names and have guests sign individual puzzle pieces.
  8. Message in a bottle guest book: Have guests write messages and place them in a bottle, which the couple can display in their home. Perfect and wonderful keepsake for a vineyard wedding.
  9. Audio guest book: Some wedding photo booths have the facility to record video for audio messages which might be easier for some guests to get their message across.
  10. Record guest book for music fans: Have guests use the centre of a vinyl record, which the couple can play on their turntable.
bride reading her wedding guest book

Bride reads guest book messages

DIY guest book ideas

If you’re looking for something a little more unique than the standard guest book, there are plenty of DIY options out there. From fingerprint trees to mad libs, there’s sure to be a guest book fun idea that fits your wedding style.

    1. Fingerprint trees are a popular option for DIY guest books. All you need is a blank canvas and some paint in your wedding colours. Guests can add their fingerprints to the tree as their signature in a simple and fun idea.
    2. Mad libs are always a fun way to get guests involved. You can create your own mad libs based on your wedding day or use one of the many printable versions available online. Guests fill in the blanks and then you can read them back for a good laugh.
    3. Offer out wooden hearts that you can then link together for a wall hanging.

If you’re crafty, you could also create a guest book photo album yourselves. This can be anything from a simple scrapbook to an intricate album with embellishments. Have guests sign their name and add a message next to their photo.

Whatever DIY guest book idea you choose, make sure it’s something that reflects your personality as a couple.


In conclusion, there are many different guest book ideas out there for your wedding day. Whether you want to give guests something fun and memorable to take home as a keepsake, or if you just want an easy way for them to leave a message of love and support, these creative guest book ideas will not only make your big day even more special but they’ll also be cherished memories that you can look back on fondly in the future.

What do you put in a wedding guest book?

In a wedding guest book, guests are typically asked to sign the book and leave a short message or note for the newlyweds. These could be advice for wedded bliss, special shared memories, thoughtful quotes. a wish or blessing for the future. These can be fun and light-hearted, or more deep, heartfelt and meaningful.

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