How to look like Charlotte York at your traditional wedding

Well, it’s not easy to look like Charlotte York at her traditional wedding because everything has to be perfect. However, life is not like in the TV show Sex and the City – fortunately, because her marriage was far from perfect. But she is known for her sophisticated beauty, elegant Chanel dresses and aesthetic eye. Who doesn’t want to be like her? And Just Like That, you can be too if you follow our tips.

If you remember series 3 episode 12 of SATC , Charlotte wore a princess-inspired ball gown from Vera Wang and diamond chandelier earrings as she married Trey MacDougal. Although she did not find her happily ever after with Trey, it led to her marrying her divorce lawyer Harry Goldenblatt in series six, episode eight. Either way, her iconic style is remembered decades later. So, let’s get inspired by her look!

SATC Charlotte York and Trey wedding

Charlotte York married Trey MacDougal in Series 3, episode 12 of Sex and the City

Embrace the Classic Silhouette

What is the first thing you associate with these dresses? For me, it’s a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. In fact, these are the key elements of Charlotte’s timeless outfit because grace and sophistication never go out of style. However, there are other advantages to this design. For example, a fitted bodice and a flared skirt significantly narrow the waist, accentuating the body’s natural curves.

That way, you will create a feminine and romantic look. It is also versatile and can be adapted to various wedding themes and settings. Most classic silhouettes are made of high-quality materials, making them comfortable.

Best of all, they allow you to choose different necklines, sleeve lengths and therefore add unique touches. Wow, you will make stunning photos that stand the test of time!

Choose Luxurious Fabrics

You started looking for a wedding dress, but you don’t understand a word of what the stylists are telling you? We all get lost at some point when it comes to materials. The reason is a wide range of different materials and their properties.

Not all wedding dress fabrics are the same (even though it may seem like it). Don’t forget materials can dictate the style and silhouette of a wedding dress, so follow me. These are the most common materials:

  • Batiste – it is a light, soft, and transparent fabric that is perfect for the warm months of the year
  • Brocade – can be made of silk or synthetic fibres; the material is hard but lighter than satin
  • Chiffon – light fabric, has a clean and transparent shine
  • Crepe cloth – transparent and pleated material ideal for “A” cut wedding dresses or mermaid models
  • Lace – is woven from silk or cotton and is often used as the final layer of a wedding dress
  • Silk – the most traditional and expensive fabric, durable, with different textures and styles

Tip: In order not to make a mistake with the choice of material, first decide on the silhouette of the dress.

charlotte York wedding dress trey

The Charlotte York Wedding Dress

Incorporate Delicate Lace Details

And now, the details! Imagine you are standing in front of the mirror in the perfect wedding dress, with a veil over your head, but something is missing! No, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the dress or you. You need to think about what you could add to your look.

For example, if you want to emphasize the waist and feminine figure, I suggest one of the belts with unique work. They are generally made of pearl beads, zircons, or metal details. It would be best if the details match your bridal purse and jewellery.

I suggest keeping the shoes simple but comfortable. This is especially important if you won’t be able to see each other due to the length of the dress because then you can dance the night away with your husband! Of course, many other decorations, such as hair accessories, brooches, or gloves.

Keep Embellishments Subtle

Although there is a wide variety of materials, you should keep the embellishments subtle. Opt for dresses with minimal beading or embroidery to be stylish like Charlotte. They were created so that, without overcrowded decorations and more complex cuts, they highlight your impeccable style. That is why the material plays the main role for them for wedding dresses.

Handmade lace, refined silk, delicate satin – these are just some of the luxurious fabrics that bring a touch of glamor to a simple design. If many people think that minimalist wedding dresses come in just one reduced, straight cut, there are actually a lot of styles available to you.

For girls who want to feel like a princess, there is the famous A-cut. Sensibility is provided by wedding dresses with slits, and romantic brides can choose one-shoulder models. It will suit any location and celebration theme. The secret of their versatility lies in the comfort they provide.

Go for Regal Necklines

The fastest and easiest way to achieve a flattering and feminine look is an accessory like the Queen Anne neckline. It is a high collar in the back with a deep V-shaped or sweetheart neckline in the front. It will give your wedding a touch of regal charm, and you will look fabulous!

It’s amazing how such a small detail can greatly boost your confidence. How? Well, it provides coverage and support in the front while drawing attention to your neck and collarbone. Also, the Queen Anne neckline elegantly highlights your décolletage and creates a frame for the face.

Charlotte York and Bridesmaid Samantha

Charlotte York (Kirstin Davis) and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall)

Enhance with Elegant Accessories

Don’t worry, you won’t compromise your minimalist style by adding some accessories to your bridal outfit. However, you should choose discreet items like a tiara or a delicate headpiece with pearls or crystals. It’s definitely something Charlotte would wear! Speaking of accessories, a traditional bridal veil is a must-have. Consider a cathedral-length veil with lace or scalloped edges to add a touch of romance and drama.

Opt for Timeless Makeup

You need to highlight your natural beauty. To achieve this, opt for a soft, natural look with neutral tones. Do not forget about the blush, but put it very little! When it comes to lip color, I recommend lipsticks in the colour of your lips. If Sex and the City were filmed today, Charlotte would surely be a fan of the Clean Girl Aesthetic, right?

Complete with Classic Jewellery

Last but not least is jewellery, of course. You probably know what would complete your minimalist look – classic jewellery pieces. A good choice can be pearl or diamond earrings, a dainty necklace, as well as a delicate bracelet. It will give a touch of sparkle, but without overdoing it.


Trends in the wedding dress world are constantly changing, but some things stay the same. This applies to timeless dresses like the one worn by Charlotte Yorke. So, those who dream of a traditional wedding do not have to put in much effort to look perfect.

The secret of good style is simplicity, as any fashion designer will confirm. “And just like that” you got your dream look!

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